A Taken Name is one of the Three Names. A person usually makes one for themselves to protect their Given Name. Without a Taken Name, a person can control you using your Given Name, like a dog. Most mages take two names however some, like Mevolent and Tesseract, only take one. Taking either one name, like Mevolent, or two, like Skulduggery Pleasant, has no changes on the mage themselves, but most mages take two names in order to feel somewhat normal, and better fit into the mortal world.[1]

Skulduggery said that your Taken Name should suit you. For example, a large woman taking the name Jet, or a short, bald man taking the name Razor, are not good ideas. It is impossible to change your taken name once it is in place, and while you can go under a different name, the one you first take is what seals your Given Name.[1]

Sorcerers usually take a name before their teenage years. [2]

Examples of Taken Names


  • Once you choose a taken name it can not be changed.
  • Most Sorcerers take two names example, Valkyrie Cain. Derek stated this is to feel more normal, meaning choosing only one name is rare.


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