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Tane Aiavao
Character Information
Taken Name Tane Aiavao
Species Human
Gender Male
Birth Unknown
Age Unknown
Death August 2013
Magic Elemental
Location Deceased

Tane Aiavao is a character who appeared in an additional short story exclusively at the end of The End of the World's Australian edition, alongside Hayley Skirmish.


Just Another Friday Night

The two main characters in the story are searching a mansion inside a graveyard with a large hole, where they are awaiting the arrival of The Doherty clan, all of whom existed as zombies, and Skulduggery Pleasant and Valkyrie Cain. After the Doherty clan appear, Hayley asks Tane for 'the amulet' - an item suspected to lift the curse from the clan. After it is revealed that Tane does not actually have the amulet on him, the zombie horde attacks and they attempt to fight back. They become quickly outnumbered before Skulduggery and Valkyrie appear, brandishing a staff. Skulduggery tells them that the curse has been lifted and that the staff is their's to destroy before tossing it into a hole, containing "assorted things" where the zombies are supposedly trapped or destroyed.

Skulduggery continues to explain that if they do not make it out of the Graveyard by midnight, then they would inherit the curse. A Hound begins chasing them as they run for the exit, but they make it and the Hound vanishes.

Last Stand of Dead Men

Hayley reappears in Last Stand Of Dead Men with Tane Aiavao once again. They greet Fletcher and Myra in their apartment in Australia. Having been assigned as their 'invisible bodyguards' by the Australian Sanctuary in case "all this war business got out of hand". Considering it got out of hand, they had orders to bring both Fletcher and Myra to the Australian Sanctuary for protective custody.

It's revealed that Myra is a trained assassin, tasked with the duty of pretending to be with Fletcher, and a fight breaks out between them. Hayley and Tane both attempt to assist Fletcher, but Myra murders both of them.


As a Maori, Tane is dark skinned, has huge brown eyes, so they could do the eye-popping pukana at the end of rugby hakas to scare competitors, and has short tousled dark brown hair. Tane has tattoos, even a Maori pattern on half his face. Out of shape on the overweight side. Normally has a big grin.


He is pretty laid back, takes things as they come, never has a plan (eg, never knows what he's doing until he's doing it) and pretty happy with everything. Probably a bit of a coward, but hilarious without knowing it. Interested in girls, food and explosions (especially on video games). His dialect is how some kiwis pronounce words (Thanks = Chur, Random/citizen = some weird lookin fulla, fish and chips = fishnchups, Rest = crash, hello = kia ora, excuse me = oi, stranger = mate, friends = bro). Does little things which he thinks is coincidence, but knows that he's not normal. He is more powerful than he realises. Character trait that completes him, is that he always has to have imput into conversations even if it doesn't make sense. Can get distracted easily, but everyone warms up to him. Insults idiots.


Because of his young age compared to most sorcerers, Tane is still a bit of a rookie with Elemental magic. But is a brilliantly quick learner. Tane hasn't chosen a Taken Name yet.


Derek Landy made a competition on his blog, Derek Landy Blogs Under Duress, for Australian and New Zealander fans to create two new characters. Australians needed to create a female character, and New Zealanders needed to create a male character. The competition was due on New Year's Eve, and the winners were announced on the 4th of January. The New Zealander winner going by the online blogspot alias 'Josie' won for his character Tane Aivao.


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