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"Come and have a go, if you think you're hard enough!"
— Tanith Low just before a fight becomes rough, Skulduggery Pleasant
Tanith Low
Tanith TMS2
Character Information
Taken Name Tanith Low
Species Human
Gender Female
Birth 11/08/1918
Age 97
Magic Adept (Wall-Walking)
Weapons Sword
Titles The Terrifying Brain-Sucker of London, Sword-Lady (By Sanguine)
Location Unknown

Tanith Low is a powerful Adept who is 97 years old. She made her first appearance in London, and has spent most of the series aiding Skulduggery Pleasant and Valkyrie Cain in Ireland. She worked in The British Sanctuary (although it was unknown which branch she worked in) until a Remnant possessed her. She remained in hiding with Billy-Ray Sanguine, working as a mercenary and secretly aiding in the rise of Darquesse, her Messiah, from behind the scenes, until she was rid of the remnant by Darquesse.



Profile tanith

Tanith Low's profile.

When Tanith was a young girl, she was sent by her parents to become a Hidden Blade under the teaching of Quoneel. There, she learned combat, stealth and Wall-Walking as well as unlocking locks. She took the name Tanith after the first person she killed when in training. When she was old enough, she left Quoneel and the other students and became a mercenary and bounty hunter. After an encounter with Mr. Bliss where she nearly died trying to save his life, he took an interest in her and she began to work for the English Sanctuary. She has an older brother, another Hidden Blade, whom she "loves to death" but she has always wanted a sister she could share her secrets with. Over the course of the books Valkyrie and Tanith grow very close and regarded each other almost as sisters.

It is also mentioned in the third book, The Faceless Ones, that she briefly dated Frightening Jones in the 1970s, who still keeps in contact with her to make sure she is safe. She had also dated Saracen Rue, and after a fight together, the two snuggled under the moonlight, drenched in gore and pieces of brain. She also briefly went out with Aurora Jane.

In Books

Skulduggery Pleasant

Tanith makes her first appearance in London, where she defeats a troll that has been eating people who have been passing through his bridge because they can't guess his name. After Tanith defeats the troll (because she can't guess his name), Mr Bliss arrives and is impressed with Tanith's skill. He tells her to go to Ireland, and she accepts.

She is then seen afterwards in China's library, and after she meets Valkyrie Cain, they quickly become good friends. During a conversation with Valkyrie, Tanith expresses a desire for a little sister and she and Valkyrie develop an affectionate, sisterly relationship. When Skulduggery is kidnapped by Nefarian Serpine, Bliss recommends her to the Elders to be part of the rescue team. They all rescue Skulduggery and flee to Ghastly's shop. Later on they all visit a warehouse for evidence on Serpine. They are all attacked by the White Cleaver, one of Serpine's henchmen, who is trying to kill Valkyrie to get to Skulduggery.

At the end of the book, Tanith aids Skulduggery and Valkyrie in taking down Serpine, who is at the Irish Sanctuary. However, they are attacked by the White Cleaver. Tanith tells Skulduggery and Valkyrie to continue while she fights the White Cleaver. After putting up quite a fight, the Cleaver uses its scythe to cut through her back.She barely manages to escape with her life.

Playing With Fire

Tanith is first seen again in London trying to capture Springheeled Jack, a wanted criminal. She lures him into an enclosed space so she can overpower and arrest him, not missing a chance to use her catchphrase. Tanith later goes to Ireland, and when Valkyrie is attacked by Baron Vengeous and Billy-Ray Sanguine in China's library, she arrives just in time to protect her, along with the help of Mr. Bliss and China.

Valkyrie and Tanith visit Gordon's house to look up on information on the Grotesquery. While Valkyrie is searching the estate, Tanith reads Gordon's soon to be released book, And The Darkness Rained Upon Them, as she is a massive fan of Gordon's books.

Later, when Skulduggery is interrogating Scapegrace, he refers to Tanith as "the terrifying brain-sucker of London", and that she always gets results. She does this by sucking people's brains out. Tanith doesn't know what to do, but in the end succeeds in scaring Scapegrace.

After rescuing Valkyrie from Dusk, they head to the Hibernian to let Valkyrie rest. But when Valkyrie finds out that the Grotesquery is alive, Tanith gets poisoned by the Grotesquery's poison. She only has 20 minutes to live so they head to the Sanctuary to retrieve an antidote. They succeed and Tanith starts sulking because she lost the fight.

Tanith then aids Skulduggery in watching the Edgley reunion, but they are attacked by the the Torment. They defeat him, and he agrees to aid them in defeating the Grotesquery. At the end of the book, she helps Valkyrie, Skulduggery and Mr. Bliss defeat the Grotesquery. She was excited at the fight, asking: "What's better than fighting a god?", to which Valkyrie suggests fighting two gods. She is constantly knocked out during the battle, but is the first to injure the Grotesquery, but is again knocked out by Baron Vengeous.

The Faceless Ones

In the third book, Tanith reluctantly agrees to watch over the teleporter Emmett Peregrine in London. She receives a phone call from her old boyfriend, Frightening Jones, who tells her that the Irish Sanctuary know she is protecting Peregrine and because of the spy in the Sanctuary, Peregrine is found and killed by the Diablerie. After a close encounter with Gruesome Krav and Murder Rose, members of the Diablerie, she loses her sword and flees to Ireland. She meets Skulduggery and Valkyrie at the Hibernian and tells them Ghastly has returned from being a statue. They all visit Aranmore Farm, where Fletcher discovers the location where the portal to the The Faceless Ones' universe will open.

Tanith and Ghastly protect Fletcher Renn, the last Teleporter alive, at the Hibernian from the Diablerie. After the two talk about Ghastly's parents, Thurid Guild visits. He distracts them while the Cleavers look for Fletcher. When the Diablerie arrive, Tanith accuses Guild of working with the Diablerie, but Guild is attacked by the Diablerie. Tanith engages into a fight with Rose, and manages to retrieve her sword. The two fail to retrieve Guild and the Diablerie demand a trade at Liffey Bridge; Guild for Fletcher.

Before the trade, the gang discover that Valkyrie is missing. Tanith visits Beryl's house, which Valkyrie's reflection is staying at while Valkyrie's parents are at France. She asks the reflection questions, and then leaves for Liffey Bridge. During the trade, the gang retrieve Guild, but lost Fletcher.

At Aranmore Farm, she is again nearly killed by Rose, but is saved by the White Cleaver. Tanith is taken out of battle but is injured again by Sanguine. When Paddy reveals himself as Batu he uses the Sceptre of the Ancients to knock out Tanith.

The Slightly Ignominious End To The Legend Of Black Annis

Tanith Low appears at the mouth of the cave. Scrannel runs to attack Tanith but she just slaps him aside. Tanith introduces herself to Annis. Annis' teeth and nails start to grow along with her skin turning blue. Tanith tries to arrest Annis but the latter merely laughs. Scrannel wakes up and tries going at Tanith again but she strikes him down once more.

Annis swipes at Tanith with her long nails, but Tanith uses her sword to block the attack. They fight for a while, until Tanith hits Annis in the back of the leg, making her fall down. Tanith ties a thick rope to Annis' ankle and says it's morning. Tanith says that the other end of the rope is tied to a tractor, driven by a farmer, slowly out of the cave. This worries Annis since sunlight makes her turn to stone for eternity. Annis tried to cut the rope, but her nails have been rendered blunt due to slashing at the cave wall repeatedly. Annis agrees to be arrested before she is dragged out of the cave. Tanith puts shackles on her and puts a sack on her head to stop the sunlight from getting to her. Both of them walk out, leaving Scrannel asleep on the cave floor.

Dark Days

In Dark Days, she assists Valkyrie in getting Skulduggery's skull. After a trade with a dealer called Thames Chabon goes wrong, they find out that Chabon had sold the skull to Davina Marr, the Irish Sanctuary's newest Prime Detective. The gang prepare to infiltrate the Sanctuary, but the plan goes wrong and they are all arrested. Valkyrie manages to free Tanith and Ghastly, so the two distract the Cleavers while Valkyrie and Fletcher retrieve the skull. Tanith and Ghastly are later freed by Skulduggery and Valkyrie when the Sanctuary is raided by Vampires led by Dusk.

Later at the Hibernian, Kenspeckle Grouse is kidnapped by the Revengers' Club. The gang and the Revengers' Club have a car chase, and Tanith ends up fighting Springheeled Jack on the roof of Skulduggery's car. She loses and is kidnapped by the Revengers' Club. When Kenspeckle is possessed by a Remnant, Dreylan Scarab, the leader of the Revengers' Club allows the Remnant to torture Tanith. The Remnant-possessed Grouse hammers nails through her collarbone, arms and legs so she could not move from the chair she was sitting in. The gang rescue Tanith and Kenspeckle. However, Tanith is weak and reluctant to stay under the care of Grouse. At the end of the book, she laughs her head off at Valkyrie because Valkyrie kissed Fletcher but Fletcher didn't expect it so he took a step back in surprise and Valkyrie falls, hitting Fletcher on her way down.

Mortal Coil

In the fifth book, Tanith is first seen again in China's library. When the Remnants are set loose, she is attacked by a man called Ged at the petrol station and an unnamed boy with his mother. She manages to win by escaping on her motorbike. Tanith, Skulduggery, Valkyrie, Ghastly, Kenspeckle, Fletcher and Clarabelle teleport over to Gordon's estate. When Gordon reveals himself, Tanith breaks down like a nervous fangirl.

Tanith assists Valkyrie to obtain half of the key to the Receptacle. They are attacked by a pensioner, who is possessed by a Remnant. They win and return to The Hibernian.

At the Hibernian she is attacked by her old boyfriend, Frightening Jones. She is partially helped by China, but stops her from killing Jones, since he is possessed by a remnant and thus not himself. Tanith is then asked on a date by Ghastly, to which she accepts.

Near the end of the book, Skulduggery tells Tanith that Valkyrie is Darquesse, which shocks Tantih but doesn't detract from her dedication. Along with Skulduggery, she convinces Valkyrie into becoming herself again. When the Remnants are forced into the Receptacle, one of them latches on to Tanith. Immediately possessed, she fights Valkyrie to stop her Remnant from being contained. When Valkyrie draws the fight into the cave with the Receptacle, the Remnant's influence weakens and Tanith is able to resist the possession for a moment. However, the Receptacle deactivates before Valkyrie can force the Remnant out of Tanith. Due to her combined combat experience - both Tesseract and Tanith - Tanith quickly wins the fight, then flees, and the Remnant permanently stays in her.

She visits Valkyrie's house, introducing herself as Valkyrie's substitute teacher to Valkyrie's parents. She tries to tell Valkyrie that she is still her best friend, but Valkyrie rejects her. Tanith then tells her that she is going out with Sanguine and both them disappear. Ghastly agrees to become an Elder on account of his undying hope that he will be able to rid Tanith of the remnant.

Trick Or Treat

Tanith Low is carving a pumpkin after murdering someone. She looks outside the window, and sees the battered car of Jerry Ordain, a Sensitive. She texts Sanguine on her mobile and he arrives in a few moments. Together, they sneak up on Jerry, who is eating a sandwich. Jerry sees them, shrieks, and drops his sandwich. Jerry tries to pretend to be a different Jerry instead of the Jerry that they are looking for, a disguise which Tanith and Sanguine see right through.

Tanith interrogates Jerry about any visions he may have seen of Darquesse, but realises he is just making it up and is a terrible Sensitive. After further interrogation, Jerry reveals that the other Sensitives are planning to search for four weapons scattered across the world to defeat Darquesse, and gives Tanith a list of the possible locations they will be going. Afterwards, she slices his head off with her sword.

Some kids then arrive, and Tanith lets them take everything in the house, including the TV. One kid, dressed up as a rabbit, nudges Jerry's head with his foot, and concludes it to be obviously fake.

Kingdom of the Wicked

Tanith first appears in the book when she sends an anonymous text to Valkyrie while she is in a cafe, warning her that someone in the cafe was hired to kill her. Valkyrie is cornered in an unopened shop with her killer when Tanith appears. Tanith then kills Valkyrie's hitman with her sword. After that she and Sanguine visit Doctor Nye so it can re-perform the operation on Sanguine as she needs him to be fully functional. She is later seen in the Irish Sanctuary where she kills Christophe Nocturnal. It is revealed at the end of the book that she and Billy Ray Sanguine killed Grand Mage Quintin Strom.

The Maleficent Seven

Malificent Textless

Tanith during the Hunt for the God-Killer Weapons. She doesn't believe in protective clothing anymore, apparently.

Sometime after, Tanith decides to collect all the weapons that could harm Darquesse and destroy them. She heads to all four locations with a rag tag team of villains and collects them one by one. She later betrays her team members except Dusk, Sanguine and Black Annis (who dies anyway). She instructs Billy-Ray to burn the weapons, but Billy-Ray secretly keeps them for a later use.

Last Stand Of Dead Men

Tanith returns disguised as a rare female Cleaver tasked with relocating Dexter Vex. Vex regards how uncommon female Cleavers are, at which point Tanith reveals herself and kills the two other Cleavers, before kidnapping Vex. Tanith and Billy-Ray later hand over Dexter to Skulduggery, Ghastly and Valkyrie and even want to join the Irish Side. After a brief scuffle between Ghastly and Sanguine, the three agree and send Tanith and Sanguine with Donegan and Gracious to disable the Midnight Hotel which is the only way the Supreme Council can send their troops in through the shield. The pair succeed in their mission, but Billy-Ray and Tanith are captured. They are later freed by Aurora Jane and they all escape. Tanith is later captured alongside Valkyrie and Gracious. Using Darquesse, Valkyrie frees herself and the three escape. Tanith then travels to the English Sanctuary with the Dead Men and Valkyrie to get the Engineer's memory, and the mission is successful. Later on, Tanith attempts to kill Stephanie, and nearly succeeded, if not for Skulduggery, who intercepted her.

Tanith also appears in one of Cassandra Pharos' visions of the future, in which she appears to be rid of the Remnant but is heavily injured. Ghastly comes to her aid and the pair kiss.

The Dying of the Light

Tanith returned into hiding with Billy-Ray Sanguine in a safehouse in Ireland, protecting Darquesse as she 'hibernates' as she requested. Originally overjoyed at protecting her messiah, soon Tanith began to lose faith in Darquesse.

When fighting their way to the Receptacle, Tanith was disappointed at the fact that instead of easily killing the Cleavers, Darquesse decided to fight them face-to-face, which did not sit comfortably with Tanith since she thought it was a waste of time.

When Tanith learnt that Darquesse has been separated from Valkyrie Cain, she attacked Valkyrie and her reflection in their home at Haggard and demanded she bring Darquesse back. Valkyrie explained that Darquesse was now a separate entity. Tanith admitted that her human side was beginning to question why she would want Darquesse to burn the world, and even her Remnant was beginning to agree.

Tanith helped Valkyrie escape from Darquesse in the caves under Gordon Edgley's home and cut off Mercy's hand and head.

Darquesse questioned Tanith and then pulled the Remnant from her body to gain the knowledge of Kenspeckle Grouse, nearly killing Tanith. Darquesse healed Tanith because she didn't really want to hurt her. Tanith woke to see Billy-Ray and couldn't remember her time as a Remnant. The last thing she remembered was fighting the Remnants in Mortal Coil. Tanith went to Bespoke Tailors looking for Ghastly, but found no one; as Tanith didn't know that Ghastly had died in Last Stand Of Dead Men. Tanith returned to the Sanctuary and was embraced by Valkyrie, who had missed Tanith terribly. She then reluctantly informed her about Ghastly's death.

During the final battle, Tanith battled the White Cleaver. The fight was extremely destructive and intense, and both of them had one another's measure, but Tanith was eventually able to kill the Cleaver permanently - although not before Billy-Ray Sanguine was killed during the fight. Towards the end of the book, Tanith is killed by Darquesse in her vision. She is then seen by Fletcher and Valkyrie, who both felt sympathy for her. Tanith is then not seen again for the remainder of the book.

Skulduggery Pleasant: Resurrection

Tanith is seen in a vision by Valkyrie Cain, and has shoulder length hair. She is backing away from an unknown thing, fear shown in her eyes.

Skulduggery Pleasant: Midnight

Tanith has become a Knife in the Darkness after the events of Devastation Day. She is sent to assassinate China Sorrows by an unknown person and while in the Dark Cathedral, meets Sebastian Tao and saves him from the Cathedral Guards. Sebastian then stops her from killing China, saying he needs China to stay alive, as he can't have the destruction that her death would bring in order for his plan to work.

Powers and abilities


Despite her softer, warmer side, Tanith is a ruthlessly efficient agent for the magical government and an excellent fighter. Tanith is an Adept, which is unusual since most Adepts focus on magical conflict whilst Tanith focuses on physical conflict. Her powers are the ability to run up walls, to unlock locks by simply touching them, and she can make doors stronger and delay people from opening or breaking them down by muttering "Withstand"; when Skulduggery was trying to undo a lock, Valkyrie told him that Tanith could unlock it in a second to which he replied that Tanith was Adept. She has fought various creatures and said to Valkyrie in Playing With Fire , "Val, what could top fighting a god?" to which Valkyrie replied, "I don't know, fighting two gods?". It is revealed in The Maleficent Seven that Tanith chose wall walking as her discipline "because no one else is doing it!"

Other skills

On many occasions Tanith is shown to be deadly in close-range combat, once single-handedly killing a fully grown troll. Tanith is extremely skilled and experienced in swordsmanship and advanced hand-to-hand combat, having trained for sixty years and sometimes employs hand-to-hand combat in tandem with her swordplay. Tanith's main weapon in a fight is her trademark sword. She nearly always uses it in a fight and possesses masterful swordsmanship skill, able to hold her own against powerful opponents like the White Cleaver. It should be noted that in Tanith's first battle with the White Cleaver the Cleaver easily beat her along with Ghastly Bespoke and Skullduggery Pleasant but in Tanith's second battle with the Cleaver she duelled evenly and overwhelmed the Cleaver, nearly winning the fight. The implies in the first battle with the Cleaver, Tanith was held back or not fighting at her full strength. She was so skilled in fighting arts that she could combine martial arts moves into her swordplay, and also adding her wall-walking Magic powers. This makes her very unpredictable to even the most experienced opponents. Her strength, speed, agility, and endurance is at the peak of human potential. She also has studied Parkour.



Prior to being infected by a remnant in Mortal Coil, Tanith is described as a feisty, fun-loving, if somewhat immature, and extremely brave, with a natural distrust of authority and is also both loyal and independent. She is also shown to a little promiscuous and flirty, playfully teasing a lot of male characters. She has a sharp wit and can always conjure good come-backs, rivalling Skulduggery himself. She'll always stand up for those she trusts and cares about, and never abandons what she believes in. Tanith has stated that she always wanted a sister which is why her bond with Valkyrie is so strong. To recap, she is a street-smart, loyal but also a smart woman who possesses great combat skills.

When Tanith returns in Kingdom of the Wicked, still bonded with the remnant, her persona is altered drastically. She is shown to have second to no morals, killing people for money, recreation or even because they got in her way. Now she is devoted to ensuring that Darquesse rises to power.


Valkyrie Cain

Tanith is good friends with Valkyrie, and often refers to her as "Val". Tanith often gives her rides on her motorbike (something she hasn't done with any other character), and it has been mentioned that Tanith gives her physical-fighting lessons, free of charge. In Dark Days and Mortal Coil Cain calls her "her sister" and is shocked and heart-broken when Tanith gets possessed by a remnant. She even starts to cry. When Kenspeckle asks who Valkyrie's friends are in Playing With Fire, Tanith is the second person she lists, the first being Skulduggery. She lists no others.

The remnant-possessed Tanith had romantic feelings for Valkyrie. [1]

Frightening Jones

Frightening was said to have a short affair with her, which ended when Jones became part of the English sanctuary (something Tanith politically disagreed with) but they still remained close friends. When Frightening is possessed by a remnant in Mortal Coil Tanith has to fight him, but is careful not to harm him. Tanith is said to "Care for but not love" him, and Frightening says while he once loved her, he now only has a deep affection for her.

Billy-Ray Sanguine

All of their interaction before Mortal Coil is condensed and somewhat vague. All we know is that Tanith dislikes him and calls him a "coward". But in the fifth book their thoughts on each other are elaborated. Sanguine admits to Valkyrie that he has feelings for Tanith- which Tanith clearly does not recipocate, despite Billy-ray being confident that she does. Billy-Ray's feelings for her contradict what happened in the last few books, in which he took part in a group which kidnapped and tortured her (Dark Days) and has on many occasion fought her (Faceless Ones and Playing with Fire). However, after Tanith is posessed by a Remnant, she dates him and they are now on the run. Tanith refers to him as "Honey" and Billy-Ray to her as "Honey Bunny". Valkyrie finds their relationship "disgusting and unnatural".

Saracen Rue

There is not much known about her relationship with him but after a fight it is said that the two snuggled together under the moonlight drenched in brain and gore. Tanith recalls it as a night enjoyed by all.

Ghastly Bespoke

Ghastly and Tanith were always shown to be close friends, even from the first book. In The Faceless Ones, Tanith is the first to speak to Ghastly after he is ressurected from his statue-like-state, being seen hugging him and saying "how great" it is to have him back. From this moment on, subtle hints of romance have been sparked, particularly from Low's light flirtacious comments. This is most notable in dark days when Tanith gives an opinion on Ghastly's facade, which allows him to look like he doesn't have any scars: "Nice, I like it. But I dig scars too." However, the couple only officially became canon in the fifth book, when Ghastly admits to Skulduggery and Erskine Ravel that he has had feelings for Tanith for years. It is implied that he didn't admit to it out of fear of rejection and general shyness. Near the end of the book, Ghastly finally asks her out on a date. He invites her to a homemade dinner, to which Tanith asks him to take off his façade. When he does so, Tanith kisses him and says "I like steak, you can't go wrong with steak." To which Ghastly replies "Steak it is." Sadly, their relationship was cut short when Tanith was possessed by a Remnant and runs off with Sanguine before their date. Since then, Ghastly spent the majority of his time (largely in vain) tracking her down. He and Tanith share a kiss in Cassandra Pharos' vision, but this never becomes reality, as Ghastly is killed before Darquesse artificially removes the remnant from Tanith.


Tanith is described as a pretty young woman with tousled blond hair and hard eyes. She often wears a sleeveless tunic, which shows her strong arms. Although, Tanith has also worn leather clothes on more than one occasion. She possesses a lean but well-defined build.


"Come and have a go, if you think you're hard enough!"
— Tanith's catch phrase from book one.
"What would be better than fighting a god?"
"I don't know, fighting two gods?"
— Tanith and Valkyrie discussing fighting a Faceless One, Playing with Fire
"I like your shoes."
— Tanith's second catchphrase after deciding her old one was too baiting


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The name Tanith is from Semitic origin, meaning "serpent lady". This was the name of the Phoenician goddess of love, fertility, the moon and the stars.

Low is a surname first used around the seventh century, referring to someone who lived near a hill.


  • Tanith was actually meant to die in the first book by the White Cleaver. Derek's editor, however, didn't like it and convinced him to change it. But he said that in every book, she would have a near death experience, such as her being tortured by a Remnant and being poisoned by the Grotesquery.
  • Tanith's second catchphrase, "I like your shoes", was created by her Remnant-self. However, she uses it against the Black Cleaver in the final book after being rid of the Remnant.
  • In Mortal Coil, it says that Tanith is 83 years old. However, Mortal Coil is set in 2011, and she was born in 1918, meaning she should be 93.
  • Cassandra Pharos' vision in Last Stand Of Dead Men could possibly have occured, if not for Tanith's possession and Ghastly's unforseen and shocking death.
  • While it is stated in the first book after she slays the troll that she has never met Mr. Bliss, in The Maleficent Seven it is shown that she fought an assassin sent to kill him, and was saved by him, thus proving she has met him before.
  • It was a well-believed rumor that Nye would reappear in Death Bringer to surgically remove the remnant from Tanith. However, this was proven false.
  • Despite not being directly said in the books, Tanith's old relationship with Aurora Jane implies that Tanith is bisexual, though nothing has been confirmed.