Tanner Rut
Character Information
Given Name Unknown
Taken Name Tanner Rut
True Name Unknown
Species Human
Gender Male
Birth Unknown
Age Unknown
Death 2018
Magic Neoteric
Location Deceased

Tanner Rut is a Neoteric Sorcerer and a character featured in Resurrection.


Tanner Rut was named by Richard Melior as one of the Neoteric sorcerers that could be used as sacrifices in the resurrection of Abyssinia.

He was captured and injured by a corrupted Skulduggery Pleasant and Cadaverous Gant. He, along with Collup and Valkyrie Cain were due to be sacrificed to help resurrect Abyssinia. Tanner and Collup died during the process, but Valkyrie was saved last minute by Skulduggery.