Magic Type Adept
Power Teleportation
Notable User(s) Fletcher Renn

A Teleporter is a person who can transport themselves to another location at will. Though they can teleport to locations they have not seen before, it is quite dangerous, as they may end up within a wall or other object. Visiting a place before attempting to teleport there later apparently solves this problem. One viewpoint used to help Teleporters either transport themselves further, or to take large groups with them, is to think of the Earth rotating for them, rather than thinking of them being the one moving. Teleporters also can open portals between weak gaps in-between dimensions. This ability is used only to open a gateway to the Faceless Ones. Most of the Teleporters were killed by Batu as part of the Diablerie's plot to bring back the Faceless Ones.


Fletcher Renn, the last Teleporter

Fletcher Renn was kept alive as he was the most inexperienced Teleporter and easiest to keep from teleporting to safety.

Other adept disciplines are shown to be able to use a form of teleportation, but the specific adept discipline of teleportation has far more range and control.

It is mentioned that Teleporters were distrusted by several members of the magical community due to their ability to be anywhere, including in people's homes. Kenspeckle Grouse mentioned that he had a fear of someone teleporting to him while he was in the toilet.

Derek Landy has stated that one can only learn to become a Teleporter if they have the natural ability to do so, much like a sensitive.

In Book 10 it is revealed that Fletcher Renn, who is now a teacher at Corrival Academy in Roarhaven, teaches children how to teleport there. Only one of his three students, Never, shows any potential.

Known Teleporters