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"What have you done?"
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"I'm not Temper Fray by chance. I'm Temper Fray by design. I'm Temper Fray because no-one else could handle the awesome responsibility of being me."
— Temper confirming his identity to Omen Darkly, Skulduggery Pleasant: Resurrection
Temper Fray
Character Information
Taken Name Temper Fray
Species Human
Gender Male
Birth Africa or America
Age Unknown
Death N/A
Magic Unknown
Faction Former member of the Church of the Faceless
Weapons None
Titles None
Location Alive
Relations Unknown

Temper Fray appears in Skulduggery Pleasant: Resurrection.



Temper first appears on his final mission, which goes horrifically wrong. After Azzedine Smoke corrupts him, he tells them everything he knows, and is chucked in a prison cell until Omen Darkly gets him out. Temper joins Omen, Never and Valkyrie Cain on the Skulduggery Pleasant rescue mission and discovers that Lethe is really Savant Egar.

Powers and Abilities

Temper keeps his magic a secret, but is a pretty good fighter, even taking on Lethe.


Temper is laid-back, practical and calm. He tries to be charming but often fails.


Temper has dark skin and an American accent. He's also mentioned to be young.


Skulduggery Pleasant Resurrection