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"One man? One man did all this?"
Kenspeckle on Tesseract defeating four people at once, Skulduggery Pleasant: Mortal Coil
Mortal coil back
Character Information
Taken Name Tesseract
Species Human
Gender Male
Birth Unknown
Age Unknown
Death December 31, 2010
Magic Adept, Bone breaking
Titles Assassin
Location Deceased

Tesseract was a powerful Russian assassin who appears in the fifth book. His main objective during Mortal Coil was to assassinate Davina Marr. Tesseract was an Adept who has the special ability to break anyone's or anything's bones with the slightest touch of his finger. Tesseract was always seen wearing a metal mask, he has several and the designs do vary. Without it, he would die due to a rotting disease,liquefactive necrosis, that plagues him as his mask injects a fluid into his face to keep it at bay. This also granted him great resistance to most toxins.


Mortal Coil

In the fifth book, he is paid by the Torment to murder Marr. He tracks her down at a construction site and is just about to kill her when Skulduggery and Valkyrie rescue Marr.

Tesseract attends an auction in Roarhaven. He kills six sorcerers: Hieronymus Deadfall, Lightning Dave, Brobding the giant, two unnamed mages, and Hokum Pete, then threatens to kill Scapegrace unless he gives information on where Skulduggery lives.

After disarming traps for three hours, he sees Skulduggery accompanied by others and Davina Marr go to Skulduggery's house. He defeats Tanith, Valkyrie (almost killing her on two occasions), Skulduggery and Erskine, and then he finally manages to kill Marr. Tesseract is then attacked by Ghastly, and the gang escape from him with the help of Fletcher.

When Tesseract returns, he is tranquillized and then buried alive for killing citizens of Roarhaven. He manages to escape as the tranquillizer had little effect on him and digs his way out and tries to get revenge. However, he is possessed by the Remnant that previously possessed Kenspeckle Grouse, Finbar Wrong and Anton Shudder.

Later on, he is seen as one of the many people possessed by remnants but it is torn out of him much like all the others. (This is the same Remnant that later possesses Tanith Low.) At the end of the book, he is seen killing the Torment but is soon intercepted by Skulduggery who is in turn intercepted by Lord Vile who mortally wounds Tesseract. He asks Skulduggery to help him to see the sunrise and dies trying to smile.

The Dying Of The Light

Tesseract appears as a ghost in the Necropolis during the second test.


Although much is unknown about Tesseract's personality, it is shown at the end of Mortal Coil that he had no regrets in life and he did what he did because it was life. He appears as a stoic and powerful mage with a mysterious background, but in his dying stages, he states that he will miss his cat, and his dying wish was to see and feel the sun on his face without the mask which keeps him alive. It is evident from this that Tesseract isn't a completely heartless killer, as he values sentimental things. However, he was not above a little foul play as he once stabbed a target which had suffered a heart attack in order to claim the bounty. He appears to be a deep thinker and acknowledges the fact that he makes mistakes. He also has a cat named "Cat" that he seems to have a great fondness for, saying he will miss her when he is dead. He liked to be on first person terms with people whom he would probably end up killing.


Powers and abilities


Tesseract is an adept mage with a rare ability called Bonebreaker. In Mortal Coil, Kenspeckle Grouse describes it as "He can break bones with the gentlest of touches. Highly unusual ability, but extremely effective. I daresay, actually, that he'd be the only person in the world who would be assured of killing Detective Pleasant here, if he so desired."

It is also evident that Tesseract used his magic effectively and could take down even groups of extremely proficient mages including; Tanith Low, Valkyrie Cain, Skulduggery Pleasant, Ghastly Bespoke and Erskine Ravel all at the same time.

Physical Abilities

While he is not described as possessing superhuman strength as part of his magic, he is an enormous man with a large amount of muscle mass, granting him enough strength to overwhelm almost any opponent without. Finally, he is shown to possess a high tolerance for pain, fear and stress, as demonstrated by his refusal to be cowed by being buried alive and his stoic attempts at completing his goals at any one time, no matter how he is injured or what happens to him, whilst thinking of the most efficient way of completing his objective.

He displayed a high level of martial arts and combat skill during his murder of Davina Marr, countering or defeating all attempts to capture him despite being heavily outnumbered. This is made even more impressive in that his opponents were using magic against him but Tesseract was able to defeat them whilst only making one use of his own magic. He is also shown to be incredibly stealthy, sneaking up on both Tanith Low and Davina Marr without making a sound, feats made more impressive by the fact that both were in fortified locations at the time.



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