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Tesseract's Cat
Character Information
Given Name Cat
Species Cat
Gender Male
Birth Before December 2009
Age Unknown
Magic None
Location Russia
Relations Tesseract (owner)

Tesseract's Cat was the cat owned by the assassin Tesseract. Before he died, he told Skulduggery Pleasant that he had a cat with no name; it was just called "cat". He said he would miss it. Skulduggery replied that he knew about the cat as Tesseract had cat hair on his lapel on the day he killed Davina Marr. Tesseract then said You really don't miss much, do you?

After his death his cat was taken in by his neighbour, but not much was revealed after that, other than that it was safe, well and happy.


  • A question asked in an interview with Derek Landy was what happened to Tesseract's Cat? Landye replied saying His neighbour is minding it.
    • When asked the same question years later, Derek stated that "It's safe and well and happy, being cared for by a neighbour." [1].




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