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The Administrator is the person who escorts people who have an appointment to meet with the The Council of Elders to the waiting room of the Sanctuary until they can be seen by the Elders.


Skulduggery Pleasant

The first known Administrator was a man in the Irish Sanctuary. After witnessing the killing of Eachan Meritorious and Morwenna Crow, he fled to the Sanctuary to warn the sorcerers of the betrayal of Nefarian Serpine, Mr Bliss and Sagacious Tome. Despite the warning, the Sanctuary was raided, and the Administrator was tortured to death by Serpine's red hand.

The Faceless Ones

At the death of the Irish Administrator, another one was appointed, this time a woman. At the time, Thurid Guild had been elected as the new Grand Mage. The problem was that there were were rumours of a traitor in the Sanctuary, someone new and high-ranking, causing Guild problems as everyone suspected him. Near to the beginning of the Battle of Aranmore Farm, the Administrator was revealed as the traitor. She attempted to kill Mr Bliss by draining his energy in a circle of symbols, and pinned Valkyrie Cain against a wall. The cleavers arrived, causing her to flee. However, Valkyrie tripped her over, making her fall into the circle of symbols, killing her.

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