The Ancients were the first beings to ever use Magic, and worshipped evil gods known as the Faceless Ones. They then banished their gods with God-Killer level weapons, the most powerful and infamous of which was the Sceptre of the Ancients


Little is known about the Ancients. They were the first to use Magic, and were extremely powerful with it. For years, they worshipped and obeyed the Faceless Ones, but eventually began a revolution, secretly stealing a Black Crystal from the Faceless Ones and crafting the Sceptre of the Ancients, as well as the four God-Killers. They then fought back against the Faceless Ones and banished them from our world. Eventually, without their gods, they began to fight amongst themselves, and the Ancients wiped themselves out. At some point, the Edgley family became supposedly descended from the Ancients before it was revealed that they were truly descended from the ones that the Ancients had once called Gods.


The Sceptre of the Ancients

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The Sceptre was created by the Ancients, but the crystal that fuelled it belonged to the Faceless Ones. It would sing to the Gods whenever an enemy neared. However, when an Ancient approached, the crystal would stay quiet. They stole the crystal and built the Sceptre which they then used to defeat the Faceless Ones. The Ancients then turned on each other and used the weapon to kill each other. When all but one was dead, the last Ancient hurled the Sceptre deep into the earth.

Book of Names

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The Book of Names was created by the Ancients for unknown reasons. It contains all Three Names of every person. The book was destroyed in the first book when Skulduggery held it up to defend himself from Nefarian Serpine who was trying to destroy Skulduggery with the Sceptre

The God-Killers

The God Killers are four weapons - not counting the Sceptre - that were crafted by the Ancients to combat the Faceless Ones. They are the Sword, which was wielded by Mevolent in the Alternate Universe, the bow, the spear and the dagger.


Derek has stated that the Ancients were more powerful than the sorcerers of the current time. He backed this up by stating that they could look at the Faceless Ones without losing their minds.[1]


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