The Battle at Willow Hill
The Death Bringer, for whom the Battle was fought.
The Battle at Willow Hill
Name(s) The Battle at Willow Hill
Date May 2011
Book Death Bringer
Participants Melancholia St Clair, The White Cleaver, The Irish Sanctuary
Location Ireland
Previous The Rise of the Death Bringer
Next The Battle under Gordon's Mansion

The Battle at Willow Hill was an event that took place in Willow Hill Retirement Home shortly after Melancholia St Clair became the Death Bringer.

Main Events

  1. The Irish Sanctuary stormed Willow Hill.
  2. Melancholia was targeted by Sanctuary agents who were told to apprehend her alive.
  3. Melancholia was placed on a raised platform, surrounded by Necromancers and the White Cleaver.
  4. Valkyrie attacked her and quickly gained the upper hand.
  5. Craven attempted to intercept and ended up killing Melancholia by slicing her body in half.
  6. The Necromancers then fled.


  1. The Irish Sanctuary believed that Melancholia was killed. However, it was her Reflection that was used in the battle.
  2. The Necromancers became more dispersed.
  3. Some that escaped regrouped to infiltrate the Requiem Ball.


The Necromancers

  • Melancholia St Clair
  • Vandameer Craven
  • The White Cleaver
  • Necromancers

The Irish Sanctuary