The Battle of Aranmore Farm
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Vakyrie holding the Sceptre, Skulduggery and Cleavers
The Battle of Aranmore Farm
Name(s) The Battle of Aranmore Farm
Date 2009
Book The Faceless Ones
Participants The Sanctuary
The Diablerie
The Faceless Ones
Location Aranmore Farm
Previous The Trade at Liffey Bridge
Next The Slightly Ignominious End To The Legend Of Black Annis

The Battle of Aranmore Farm was against the Faceless Ones and the Diablerie in the third book.

Main Events

  1. Skulduggery and the gang arrive at Aranmore Farm.
  2. Fletcher Renn is forced to open the portal by Jaron Gallow.
  3. Three Faceless Ones come through the portal.
  4. The Faceless Ones take over the bodies of Murder Rose, Gruesome Krav and Batu.
  5. Mr. Bliss is killed by a Faceless One inhabiting Gruesome Krav.
  6. Billy-Ray gets cut across the stomach by Valkyrie Cain with Tanith Low's sword.
  7. Jaron Gallow cuts off his own arm to avoid becoming possessed by the Faceless Ones and escapes.
  8. Valkyrie uses the Sceptre of the Ancients to kill two of the Faceless Ones.
  9. The gang manage to get the last Faceless One back into the portal.
  10. Skulduggery throws the Grotesquery into the portal.
  11. The last remaining Faceless One wraps one of his host body's intestines around Skulduggery's leg and pulls him into the portal.


  1. Billy-Ray Sanguine's abilty of Tunneling is "broken".
  2. The Grotesquery is thrown through the portal.
  3. Skulduggery Pleasant is stuck in The Faceless Ones' universe for about ten months.
  4. Valkyrie Cain decides to learn Necromancy from Solomon Wreath.
  5. Jaron Gallow no longer worships The Faceless Ones.



The Diablerie

Necromancers (Allied with Sanctuary Forces)

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