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The Battle of Ratoath
The Battle of Ratoath
Name(s) The Battle of Ratoath
Date Summer 2012
Book Kingdom of the Wicked
Participants The Resistance
Mevolent's forces
Location Ratoath
Previous The Resistance against Mevolent
Next Get Thee Behind Me, Bubba Moon

The Battle of Ratoath was a battle that took place in Mevolent's dimension between Mevolent and the Resistance in seventh book.

Main Events

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  1. Mevolent nearly destroyed the Resistance.
  2. The Sceptre of the Ancients and the God-Killer sword were lost (the former returning to the Main Universe and the latter presumably returning to Mevolent.
  3. China Sorrows was killed by Nefarian Serpine
  4. Baron Vengeous was killed by Anton Shudder (but is revived later)


The Resistance

Mevolent's Forces