The Canary Car was one of the spare cars Skulduggery Pleasant kept hidden around Ireland, and it was used in the first book while the Bentley was being repaired. It was named "The Canary Car" by Valkyrie Cain because of its canary yellow colour. Nefarian Serpine turned it to dust with the Sceptre of the Ancients.

The Canary Car was the first of Skulduggery's replacement cars to appear in the series and the one most hated by Valkyrie. In the third book, it was hinted that people actually stopped to laugh as it passed by.


It's a canary yellow hatchback with lime-green seat covers, described by Beryl Edgley as "horrid". Valkyrie said it was hideous and loathed it from the beginning, embarrassed that someone would see her in it and she displayed much relief upon the return of the Bentley. She also noted that the Canary Car didn't smell as nice as the Bentley, "It had just smelled yellow."