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"You are not to look the master in the eye."
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"Children of the Spider have been reclusive. Even more so than the Necromancers."
Erskine Ravel on the Children of the Spider, Skulduggery Pleasant: Mortal Coil
The Children of the Spider
The Torment
Group Information
Location Roarhaven
Date Founded Before Skulduggery Pleasant
Notable Members The Torment, Madame Mist
Former Leader(s)
The Torment (deceased), Madame Mist (deceased)
Current Leader(s)
Unknown, if any

The Children of the Spider are a secretive organisation of Spider mages lead by the Torment. Its followers utilize a magical ability that allows them to vomit and control spiders and to transform themselves into gigantic spiders. The Children of the Spider are considered intimidating and reclusive, so much so that Erskine Ravel claims not to want Madame Mist joining him on the Sanctuary's ruling council of Elders. Despite their oddities, however, the Children of the Spider are still fundamentally human, though Derek has implied that there is more to be revealed about this strange Adept discipline.[1] Most of them appear normal, except for Madame Mist, who wears a dark veil to cover her startling face: under her skin, tiny black spiders seem to crawl instead of blood.

Though their name implies it, the Children of the Spider are in no way related.

As made clear in several books, the Children of the Spider fully back the mysterious Man with the Golden Eyes in his aims and ethics. However, he is not a Child of the Spider and does not practice the same discipline of magic.

The Children desire a world where sorcerers rule over the mortals, and this is what leads to the expanding and upgrading of Roarhaven, numerous secrete schemes and plots, the murders of Anton Shudder and Ghastly Bespoke, the release of the psychopathic teenager Sean Mackin, the destruction of the first Irish Sanctuary, and many more events besides. Although their desire is not actually obtained, they come close – until the provoked and angered Warlocks do not do what they hope they will – they attack the new city of Roarhaven instead of the city of Dublin.



Madame Mist

The first Child of the Spider seen in the series is The Torment, appearing in Playing with Fire. He gives Skulduggery the location of Baron Vengeous' base in exchange for Valkyrie's life. It is revealed in Last Stand of Dead Men that after this encounter, The Torment met up with the Man with the Golden Eyes, agreeing to his plans. The Torment also helps with the defeat of the Grotesquery, He believes that neither the Ancients nor the Faceless Ones should ever return, since they are too powerful. This belief is presumably shared by the other Children of the Spider, as their counterparts in Mevolent's dimension are imprisoned for not conforming to the Church of the Faceless.

The Children of the Spider are based in the town of Roarhaven, and so wish for the new Irish Sanctuary building also to be there. Although High Priest Tenebrae and Ravel express their displeasure, Corrival Deuce agrees, arguing that since the building is already there and ready to use, they should take the opportunity. The Torment requests that Madame Mist be one of the new Elders, or they would retract their offer of the Roarhaven facility.

During the events of Mortal Coil, it is seen that the Children had hired Russian assassin Tesseract to kill Davina Marr. This means they may also be in contact with the mysterious Man with the Golden Eyes. When Tesseract returns to collect his money for Marr's assassination, he is poisoned by one of Madame Mist's spiders, which renders him immobile. The Children of the Spider order him to be buried alive, since during his investigation of Marr's whereabouts, he injured some Roarhaven mages. Tesseract manages to escape, however, due to the special properties of his mask. He digs himself out and goes to confront the Children, but is nearly defeated in the fight, before being taken over by a remnant. After the recapture of the remnants, Tesseract tracks down the Torment and kills him in his underground apartment in Roarhaven.

The Children of the Spider were also presumed to have been involved in breaking Sean Mackin out of prison, as Madame Mist is seen discussing the situation with The Man with the Golden Eyes.

During the events of Last Stand of Dead Men, the Children play a big role in manipulating Ireland and the Supreme Council into war, aided by The Man with the Golden Eyes. Portia and Syc release Bernard Sult from his cell and murder him live on the Global Link, kickstarting the war. When questioned by Erskine Ravel and Ghastly Bespoke, Madame Mist claims she knew nothing of Portia and Syc's plan. The lie is rather feeble, but she cannot be pinned with the crime, as everyone's focus is on the war. During the Battle of Roarhaven, Portia, Syc, The Terror and The Scourge do not participate in the battle, instead lurking in the Sanctuary. They are taken down by Skulduggery Pleasant and China Sorrows, though they are presumed to have lived and escaped. Mist is killed by China in the latter's "final act", while Skulduggery goes up against The Man with the Golden Eyes.

Known Children of the Spider


  • The Children of the Spider are human.


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