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The Church of the Faceless
Group Information
Location Ireland, America, other countries
Date Founded Before the War
Date Disbanded Autumn 2013 (Ireland)
Notable Members Eliza Scorn
Former Leader(s)
China Sorrows, Jajo Prave, Eliza Scorn
Current Leader(s)
Damocles Creed, Serafina Dey

The Church of the Faceless Ones was the church in which the followers of the Faceless Ones visited to worship their Ancient Gods. The Church was first mentioned in Dark Days. China Sorrows entered the Irish Branch church and met Eliza Scorn. Scorn ended up being completely shocked as she was insulted because of her faith in the Faceless Ones. ("better a scored eye than a fried brain") The owner of the building was Jajo Prave.  In Kingdom Of The Wicked Scorn met with Christophe Nocturnal at the American branch. In Last Stand Of Dead Men the Irish branch was destroyed by China Sorrows and Foe's gang.

Disciples Of The Faceless Ones


  • Ireland
  • America


The Symbol is a small circle 'barely intersecting' with a much larger circle. representing how the Faceless ones are essentially everything and we, humans are dirt and are not worthy of our gods.


  • The sacred text of the church is the Gospel of the Faceless.
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