The Corpse Attack
The Corpse Attack
Name(s) The Corpse Attack
Date circa 1850-1855
Book Last Stand Of Dead Men (mentioned)
Participants The Dead Men, Lord Vile
Location Denmark

The Corspe Attack was an event that happened between circa 1850 and 1855 during the War when Sanctuary mages were attacked by their fallen Mages.

Main Events

  • Lord Vile made his way into the Irish camp.
  • Lord Vile killed the sentries before revealing himself.
  • Anton Shudder released his Gist and chased him off.
  • The surviving mages believed Vile was injured. However, they began to hear voices.
  • The next night the Zombies attacked.
  • The next morning the 10 survivors reburied the dead and fled on a boat.


  • Only ten mages remained.


The Irish Sanctuary

Mevolent's Forces

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