The Destruction of the Irish Sanctuary
Waxworks front
The Destruction of the Irish Sanctuary
Name(s) The Destruction of the Irish Sanctuary
Date September 2009
Book Dark Days
Participants The Irish Sanctuary
Davina Marr (and allies)
Location Waxworks Museum
Previous The Battle at Croke Park
Next The Hunt for Davina Marr

The Destruction of The Irish Sanctuary was an event that took place after The Revengers' Club was defeated.

Main Events

  1. Marr, who was jealous of Skulduggery Pleasant, takes the first Desolation Engine
  2. She tricks Valkyrie and Skulduggery by telling them that Thurid Guild wants them to escort him to his cell.
  3. She uses Myron Stray's True Name and forces him to pop his eardrums. Using the Engine, Myron is forced to blow up the Sanctuary, killing himself, and many other sorcerers.
  4. Skulduggery manages to fly away with Valkyrie Cain and Guild. Guild loses one of his legs in the explosion.


  1. The Waxworks Museum is destroyed. Discussions for a new location take place in [[the following book|Skulduggery Pleasant: Mortal Coil.
  2. Davina Marr goes on the run and is hunted by the Sanctuary and Tesseract.
  3. New Elders are elected to lead the Sanctuary.
  4. The Sanctuaries of the world grow increasingly distrustful of Ireland.
  5. At her home, Valkyrie is woken up by a dream. The dream was about the time when she fought Serpine at the Repository. She had looked at her name in The Book of Names, and saw all three of her names. She realizes her True Name, Darquesse.