The Diablerie
Group Information
Location Ireland
Date Founded Before the events of Skulduggery Pleasant, re-formed 2009
Date Disbanded Before the events of Skulduggery Pleasant, 2009
Notable Members Batu, Jaron Gallow, China Sorrows
Former Leader(s)
Batu (deceased)
China Sorrows
Jaron Gallow (deceased)
Baron Vengeous (deceased)
Current Leader(s)

The Diablerie was Mevolent's most ruthless group devoted to bringing the Faceless Ones back. When they weren't taking direct orders from Mevolent himself they were worshiping The Faceless Ones. However, China Sorrows, the leader of the group, (during her "misspent youth") stated that she could never understand why The Faceless Ones weren't worshipping her.


A long time before the first book, they were lead by China Sorrows in an attack against the Sanctuary in France. They were responsible for most of Mevolent's ruthless deeds, a foil to the Dead Men. However, in an unlikely turn of events, the two groups teamed up in order to track down and kill Skulduggery's evil ex-girlfriend, Abyssinia, who was causing havoc on both sides.

China quit being the leader when she became "neutral". Jaron Gallow took over her role. The group disbanded and China opened up her library. It is possible that they controlled the events of the first two books from behind the scenes so that it would be easier to accomplish their goals in third book.

Return of the Faceless Ones

"The Diablerie are a group of Faceless Ones disciples who have finally emerged from the shadows. They are led by a mysterious master who has been planning this for decades- and he will not be denied his victory."
— Description,

The Diablerie remformed, lead by Batu, and opened up a portal to the Faceless Ones' dimension using Fletcher Renn and the Grotesquery's torso. Three Faceless Ones escaped, drawn by the beacons on the Diablerie members' arms, and took the bodies of Murder Rose and Gruesome Krav. Jaron Gallow severed his arm that contained the beacon, to avoid being possessed. The third took the body of Batu and took Skulduggery with it back into its dimension. Most of the members have died, so the group is no longer in existence.

Jaron Gallow, after witnessing the Faceless Ones kill dozens of people, attempted to destroy the church of the Faceless by acting as a spy under Eliza Scorn. He promised to China that he would give her the names of twelve senior members of the church who attended the Requiem Ball. However, Jaron was killed by having half his head sliced off while waiting in his car, presumably by Scorn.

Former Members

Former Servants