The Dullahan
Character Information
Given Name The Dullahan
Species Unknown
Gender Unknown
Birth Unknown
Age Unknown
Magic Unknown
Location Unknown

The Dullahan is a mysterious headless being that drives the Coach-a-Bowers. The coach is pulled by four similarly headless horses. The Dullahan collects people that have heard the cry of a Banshee.


Mortal Coil

The Dullahan first appears in the fifth book when Valkyrie tries to save one of his victims. She attacks him without harming it.

Later, the Dullahan is summoned by a Banshee to take Valkyrie to Nye. The Dullahan has to leave and tells Nye, making sure that it agrees to not do any experiments on her.


The Dullahan is impervious to magical attacks and very strong physically. Despite being headless, the Dullahan can still communicate to other beings, though it is unknown exactly how. It is also unknown how a Banshee summons it, but the Dullahan "spoke" to Nye before leaving it with Valkyrie.


The Dying of the Light mentioned