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The Engineer
TDOTL Engineer
Character Information
Given Name The Engineer
Species Sentient Machine
Gender N/A
Birth Unknown
Age Unknown
Magic None
Weapons The Accelerator
Titles Engineer
Location France (formerly), Ireland (currently)
Relations Rote (creator)

The Engineer was a robot built by Doctor Rote.



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Last Stand Of Dead Men

After the death of Rote, it was the only one who could deactivate the Accelerator before it went into its final stage. However, the deadline to shut it down safely was passed during the War between Sanctuaries. The Engineer informed Skulduggery Pleasant and others that the only way it could stop the destruction of the world was to offer the Accelerator a soul, willingly given.

The Dying of the Light

Stephanie asked the Engineer how much time they had until the Accelerator went off. Thanks to the Engineer's adjustments to the machine, it managed to extend the deadline to thirty days. Later, she asked it how it managed to overcome its original programming and redefine its purpose.


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