"Assassination. Sabotage. Dirty tricks. It's not pretty, what they do, but it is neccessary."
Skulduggery telling Valkyrie about the jobs of the Exigency Programme, Skulduggery Pleasant: Dark Days
The Exigency Programme
Group Information
Location Irish
Date Founded Unknown
Date Disbanded After the War
Notable Members Thurid Guild
Former Leader(s)
Thurid Guild
Current Leader(s)

The Exigicency Programme was a group led by Thurid Guild during the War. They were assigned to dirty jobs such as sabotages. Guild had tried to recruit Skulduggery Pleasant and Ghastly Bespoke, but they refused.

Esryn Vanguard's Assassination

During the War, Esryn Vanguard was a pacifist who wanted the War to end. Mevolent was willing to have peace, but Eachan Meritorious didn't like this. He wanted Vanguard to be killed. Guild offered one of his men from the programme to assassinate Vanguard, and then disappear. After this happened, the evidence pointed to Mevolent's men, Dreylan Scarab in particular. Dreylan was then imprisoned for 200 years.

Known Members