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The Terrifying Brain-Sucker of London
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"You are not to look the master in the eye."
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"I know what you're feeling. Guilt, yes? A tremendous sense of awful responsibility for something you had no part of. That was my reactions when I first head the story. I didn't know what to do. Maybe send each reality a card, with a little apology? Then, when the Faceless Ones found us and killed the others and took me, I finally realised that nothing good could come from pointless remorse and I got over it. The constant torture proved to be a good distraction."
Skulduggery Pleasant to Valkyrie Cain on the Ancients sealing the Faceless Ones in the other dimensions, Skulduggery Pleasant: Dark Days
The Faceless Ones' universe
The Faceless Ones' universe Information
Name(s) The Faceless Ones' universe
Inhabitants Original citizens and survivors (presumed dead)
The Faceless Ones
Skulduggery Pleasant (temporarily)


Part of Unknown

The Faceless Ones' universe was a universe mostly destroyed by the Faceless Ones, along with plenty of other universes, after they broke through the barren dimension that they were sent to by the Ancients from Skulduggery Pleasant's universe.


Pre-Dark Days

The universe was originally inhabitated by millions of people, who used the caves as homes. It is speculated by Valkyrie Cain to have once had cities teeming with life with many people packed in together.

After escaping the barren dimension the Ancient's sent them to and destroying many other universes, the Faceless Ones reached the universe 300 years before the events of Skulduggery Pleasant: Dark Days. They took their time with the universe, killing all of its inhabitants and destroying it. The Faceless Ones got stuck in the world and couldn't move onto another world, stopping them from eventually reaching Skulduggery Pleasant's universe like they planned to.

In Skulduggery Pleasant: The Faceless Ones, Batu (now deceased) and Skulduggery Pleasant are dragged into the world by the Faceless Ones after being defeated. Afterwards, Skulduggery meets some survivors, some of whom he got to know quite well. Skulduggery learnt their language and they told him of the universe's history, making Skulduggery feel guilty at first. Skulduggery was then captured, and was hunted repeatedly by the Faceless Ones, who used creatures to attack him and also possessed the deceased Batu in order to attack him. Each night Skulduggery would be left to repair himself. Presumably, all the other inhabitants and survivors of the universe other than Skulduggery were killed.

Dark Days

Using Skulduggery Pleasant's skull as an Isthmus Anchor, Valkyrie Cain travelled to the universe in order to rescue Skulduggery. Initially believing her to be an hallucination, Skulduggery tells her the history of the world after she retrieves his limbs. After demonstrating his new found abilities due to his training while being tortured, Skulduggery and Valkyrie returned to their original universe.

The Dying of the Light

Darquesse opens the portal and enters, they hear the cry of a faceless one.

Alternate Dimension

The Facless Ones' Universe was seen in the Alternate dimension when they opened the portal but it only stayed open for a few seconds.


The universe's sky was red, with its sun closer than Skulduggery's universe. The city's inhabitants would have lived in a towering cliff, using caves as homes, with windows and doors carved from rocks, and then extending outwards. The stone houses were built jutted off the cliff face on top of eachother. The universe would most likely have its city crowded, with millions of people packed together.

There was an alley, made of white, sun-bleached stone, that led down to a square. Deep gold sand had flown into the city around the city, though the sand may not have blown into the city until after the Faceless Ones arrived.

After the Faceless Ones invaded, the universe was quiet and presumably had no inhabitants whatsoever other than Skulduggery and the Faceless Ones.


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