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The Four Elementals
Group Information
Location Ireland
Date Founded Unknown
Notable Members Amity

The Four Elementals are a group of five people.



The group only used to have four members, but one of the members, Amity, married, and the woman insisted to become part of the group. According to Erskine Ravel, the group didn’t want to change their name because they didn’t want to lose their synchronicity. The group see themselves as being in harmony with the world around them. As there are only four elements, Skulduggery Pleasant explained to Valkyrie, it would be silly. Valkyrie then remarks that it is 'better than people thinking you can't count'.

The Council Elections

The Four Elementals attend the meeting to elect the new Council of Elders. One of the members, Amity, got into an argument with Shakra, thinking that the American Sanctuary just wants to offer their help to Ireland.

The Remnant Outbreak

When the Remnants escape from the Midnight Hotel, they possess the Four Elementals. They are seen in the Great Chamber fighting amongst themselves.




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