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The Hibernian Cinema
The Hibernian Cinema Information
Name(s) The Hibernian Cinema
Inhabitants Kenspeckle Grouse (formerly)
Part of Ireland

Kenspeckle Grouse, owner of the Hibernian Cinema.

The Hibernian Cinema is an old abandoned cinema that had been expanded and repaired to contain the living quarters and working place of Professor Kenspeckle Grouse.


It used to be a popular cinema around fifty years ago. Skulduggery mentions he visited the cinema to see High Society and has had a crush on Grace Kelly ever since. The cinema has been the grounds of many fights, deaths, and an unplanned resurrection.

Role in Books

Playing With Fire

This book was the first time we heard about the cinema. The way you would enter the medical bay is through a screened picture of a door. Kenspeckle spent a lot of time renovating the building with a Morgue, Theoretical Magic Department, and a medical bay. Grouse preferred to work in the smallest, darkest laboratory. Skulduggery and the others brought the Grotesquery here to the Professor before it came back to life, killing Kenspeckle's two assistants, Stentor and Civet.

The Faceless Ones

In the third book, Skulduggery and Valkyrie bring Fletcher to the Hibernian and ask Grouse to keep him safe while they tried to find out why the Teleporters were being killed. When Valkyrie lost a tooth to Sanguine, Kenspeckle fixed her up here as well. Also, Ghastly returns from his statue state in the Hibernian.

Later in the book, Guild and Crux pay the Cinema a visit only for The Diablerie to stop by and attack and steal Guild. They offer his life for Fletcher. After this meeting, Kenspeckle kicks everyone out due to the fact he had used his powers to hurt someone and he doesn't want the cinema to be used as a place of violence.

Dark Days

Skulduggery and Valkyrie visited the Professor in the cinema in the middle of the book, after Skulduggery had been rescued. Grouse was preparing to go to bingo for a date when they arrived. He left them before being kidnapped by Sanguine.

After Tanith and Kenspeckle are rescued, Tanith is healed at the Hibernian.

Mortal Coil

The Hibernian was the scene for the fight between Skulduggery and the others against the Remnants. The Professor had set up some defense features such as a dome of energy to protect the cinema. The Remnants stormed the building and ended up in the lobby where Valkyrie and Fletcher tried to teleport them to Kerry and The Receptacle but Fletcher was taken over by a Remnant, attacked everyone and teleported Valkyrie into the middle of the Remnant possessed mob. Sanguine saved her and she went to go get Kenspeckle. She walked through the Bay until she found the possessed Clarabelle and the dead Professor. 


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