The Hunt for Deacon Maybury
The Hunt for Deacon Maybury
Name(s) The Hunt for Deacon Maybury
Date post-May 2011
Book The End of the World
Participants Skulduggery Pleasant, Valkyrie Cain, Foe's gang, Deacon Maybury
Location Ireland
Previous The Destruction of China Sorrows' Library
Next The Summer of Light

The Hunt for Deacon Maybury was an event that took place a few months after The Death Bringer was defeated.

Main Events

  1. Skulduggery and Valkyrie help Ryan escape from Foe's gang.
  2. They search Deacon Maybury's trashed apartment looking for clues about his murder.
  3. While searching a woman came to the apartment, Francine, looking for Deacon. They explained to her that Deacon had been killed and asked if she knew anything about it.
  4. Ryan returns with her to her apartment. When he tells her it was no trouble at all, Francine tells him there will be trouble. Suddenly, Foe appears and kidnaps him. It is revealed that Francine is just an illusion, and she is really Mercy in disguise. Fortunately, Valkyrie and Skulduggery save him, and they escape by jumping out the window.
  5. They drive to the house of Robert Crasis to gain information about illusion Magic.
  6. The find a map which leads to a shopping centre where the Doomsday Machine is held.
  7. Skulduggery reveals that Crasis created the illusion of Ryan who is really Deacon Maybury. He recognised Ryan instantly but pretended not to.
  8. They find the activation panel, but Foe's gang arrive. They fight, with Skulduggery defeating Mercy and Samuel and Valkyrie defeating Obloquy. Foe flees the scene when Samuel unleashes his vampire form. The vampire is defeated, however.
  9. Ryan dismantles the machine, and Valkyrie comforts and kisses him. But then the illusion fades, and Deacon is revealed. Skulduggery tells him that he may escape, but only because Ryan was their friend.


  1. The Doomsday Machine deactivated.
  2. Deacon Maybury enters into Sanctuary Service.
  3. Foe and his gang remain as mercenaries.