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The Hunt for the God-Killer Weapons
The Hunt for the God-Killer Weapons
Name(s) The God-Killer Quest, The Quest for Darquesse
Date Early 2013
Book The Maleficent Seven
Participants The British Sanctuary
Tanith Low (and allies)
Dexter Vex's group
Johann Starke
Jackie Earl
Location Chicago, America
The British Sanctuary, Britain
Previous Theatre of Shadows
Next The Skirmish in The English Sanctuary

The Hunt for the God-Killer Weapons was a quest undertook by Tanith Low and Billy-Ray Sanguine from late 2010 to early 2013 in Trick Or Treat, Kingdom Of The Wicked and The Maleficent Seven. Tanith had a vision of Darquesse destroying the world. As she had a Remnant bonded to her soul, she went mad and did anything to stop people from killing Darquesse. In the later stages of the quest, she gathered together a team to collect and destroy the weapons.

Main Events

  • Tanith and Billy-Ray hunted down Jerry Ordain, a sensitive, to get information on the God-Killers and Darquesse.
  • They then searched for Christophe Nocturnal, a member of the Church of the Faceless, for the location of one of the four weapons.
  • Around this time, Tanith did research into the past lives of Black Annis, Springheeled Jack and Dusk to entice them into helping her. She also found out that Thames Chabon sought Sabine.
  • After more than two years of preparation, they were ready to procceed with the next part of their plan. They put together a team of seven members, the Maleficent Seven, to get the weapons.
  • Dexter Vex caught wind of their plan and also put together a team to stop them.
  • Tanith and her team travelled to Chicago, Germany and Poland, beating Vex to the weapons each time. Tanith also started having flashbacks to her past after spotting and old face.
  • Tanith betrayed most of the members of her team before entering the British Sanctuary.
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Dexter's group