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The Irish Sanctuary
Group Information
Location Ireland, Roarhaven

Waxworks Museum (formerly)

Date Founded Before the events of Skulduggery Pleasant
Notable Members Skulduggery Pleasant, Valkyrie Cain, Mr. Bliss
Former Leader(s)
Erskine Ravel
Corrival Deuce
Thurid Guild
Eachan Meritorious
China Sorrows
Current Leader(s)
Damocles Creed

The Irish Sanctuary is the Sanctuary located in Ireland. It was originally located below the Waxworks Museum in Dublin, before it was blown up with the the desolation engine and was moved to Roarhaven.

It has been shown to have an extreme rivalry against various Sanctuaries. The Irish branch is coveted by many, owing to the fact that it contains the most magical artifacts and that is located in a cradle of magic, and that it was in their country where the Ancients banished the Faceless Ones.


The Truce is Broken

Eachan Meritorious, Morwenna Crow and Sagacious Tome refuse to believe that Nefarian Serpine has broken the Truce he had made with the Sanctuary. Tome later betrays the Elders, and helps Serpine to get the Sceptre of the Ancients. Serpine uses the Sceptre to kill Meritorious, Crow, the current Administrator, and many more, because he needed to lift the protection put on the Book of Names by the Elders. However, the protection was still not lifted, so Serpine killed Tome to get the Book.

Playing With Fire

After the deaths of all three Elders, Thurid Guild is elected the new Grand Mage. However, Guild had yet to choose his Elders.

It is revealed that there is a spy in the Sanctuary, and Skulduggery breaks into the Sanctuary thinking that Guild is the spy. When Skulduggery confronts him, Guild fires him as Prime Detective. After the Grotesquery is defeated, its torso is kept in the Repository.

The Diablerie Returns

After Guild fired Skulduggery, Remus Crux is hired alongside a new Administrator. A figure of Phil Lynott is also added to contact the Grand Mage.

Crux thinks Skulduggery is the one killing the Teleporters and even attacks a civilian to arrest his partner Valkyrie to find out where he is. The Diablerie steals the Grotesquery from the Sanctuary. After seeing a Faceless One, Crux goes crazy and is removed from his position as Prime Detective. Mr. Bliss is offered the position of Elder, but is killed before he becomes one. It is also revealed that the Administrator is the spy in the sanctuary, but is killed by her own symbols after nearly killing Mr. Bliss.

The Revengers' Club

Guild decides to hire Davina Marr, who used to be the Prime Detective in the American Sanctuary, with Detective Pennant as her partner. However, after Skulduggery is saved from the Faceless Ones by Valkyrie, he is given temporary authority to track down the Revengers' Club. Due to the problem with the past Administrators - one got killed, the other being a traitor -, the figure of Phil Lynott is forced to take the job.

The Sanctuary is attacked by Vampires, led by Dusk. Seventeen sorcerers and nine Cleavers died during the raid and the Desolation Engine was also stolen.

After the truth about Esryn Vanguard's assassination is revealed, Guild decides to take his punishment, and is imprisoned.

Later Marr uses the Desolation Engine and forces Myron Stray to set the bomb off using his True Name, causing the destruction of the Sanctuary. 

Mortal Coil

After Thurid Guild is imprisoned, Corrival Deuce is decided to become the new Grand Mage. The Torment, who is revealed to be still alive, proposes that they could use the Sanctuary in Roarhaven as a replacement for the destroyed one instead of building a brand new, as long as Madame Mist is accepted as an Elder, which got accepted.

However Deuce dies and Erskine Ravel becomes the new Grand Mage of Ireland, with Ghastly Bespoke and Madame Mist as his Elders.

Rise of the Death Bringer

The Irish Sanctuary continues to operate out of Roarhaven with Erksine Ravel as Grand Mage and Ghastly Bespoke and Madame Mist as the other Elders. Once the Necromancer threat posed by Melancholia St Clair is revealed, the Sanctuary issues an attack on the Necromancer Temple, an attack in which High Priest Tenebrae is killed and the remaining Necromancers are forced to flee.

The Council of Elders

The Irish Sanctuary has had many Elders. Meritorious, Crow and Tome were the first known Elders but are later killed by Nefarian Serpine. Thurid Guild is chosen as the new Grand Mage, but had only named Mr. Bliss as an elder, who died before taking the position. When he decides to answer for the crime of the assassination of Esryn Vanguard, he is imprisoned. Corrival Deuce is chosen to be the Grand Mage, but is killed during the Remnant Outbreak. Erskine Ravel is then chosen to be  Grand Mage, with Ghastly Bespoke and Madame Mist as Elders. However, Erskine later kills Ghastly Bespoke and Anton Shudder. He is punished by Darquesse and also is imprisoned. Madame Mist is then killed by China Sorrows, who elects herself as Grand Mage and later Supreme Mage. Erskine Ravel is later given willingly to the Accelerator by Skulduggery. China then undergoes a psychic attack from Solace and is replaced by Damocles Creed.

The Elders

Current Elders

Former Elders

Prime Detectives

The Irish Sanctuary has a Prime Detective that is able to use resources from the Sanctuary. Skulduggery was Prime Detective for the first two books, and was fired. Remus Crux later replaced him, but was driven mad when he saw a Faceless One. Davina Marr was the next detective, but she blew up the Sanctuary and became a criminal. Skulduggery was re-hired and was the Prime Detective until the 10th book. Valkyrie was also counted as a detective, because she was Skulduggery's partner. They are both arbiters now, which means that they can have anything that they want from any sanctuary and are completely independent and can assign themselves cases.

Prime Detectives

Chief Agents

  • Mirk (formerly, imprisoned)




  • Morwenna Crow is the only known Necromancer to be an Elder. Also, until Madame Mist becoming an Elder, she is also the only known female Elder.
  • Eachan Meritorious is the only Elder to not have his magic revealed.
  • Thurid Guild is the only known past Elders to not be dead.
  • Madame Mist is the only known Child of the Spider to be an Elder.
  • China Sorrows is the first female Grand Mage known in the Irish Sanctuary.


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