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"You are not to look the master in the eye."
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"Sanctuary agents have no jurisdiction in the Midnight Hotel"
Billy-Ray Sanguine quoting the Hotel's rules, Skulduggery Pleasant: Dark Days
The Midnight Hotel
The Midnight Hotel Information
Name(s) The Midnight Hotel
Inhabitants Anton Shudder, Guests
Part of The World

The Midnight Hotel is a building that never stays in one location for too long. It travels the world spending a certain amount of time, 12 hours, at every location. The Hotel is said a place for people to stay if they are in a bad situation. It is owned by Anton Shudder, who allows anyone to stay in the hotel. If someone is attacked in The Midnight Hotel, Shudder will fight for the victim of the attack. The Hotel has a total of twenty-four rooms, one of which is used as the holding to place for two thousand Remnants. This room, Room 24, can only be opened with Anton Shudder's key.

Anton built the Hotel after being dissatisfied with the Sanctuaries around the world. He felt the Sanctuaries were growing too powerful and bureaucratic. He built the Hotel as a refuge for those who operated outside of official boundaries. Sometimes the guests were outlaws and criminals.

After Anton's death, the hotel was passed to a new owner.[1]

In Midnight it is in possesion of Cadaverous Gant who took it from Anton's ex-boyfriend after killing him.


The clock in The Midnight Hotel is located on the second floor and is the device responsible for the hotel changing location every 12 hours

In Books

Dark Days


Anton Shudder, the Hotel's owner

Skulduggery and Valkyrie visit the hotel after they think that a member of the Revengers' Club would use a Soul Catcher to steal a Remnant . Shudder allows the two to stay in the hotel for the night. Billy-Ray Sanguine walks into the hotel, and when Skulduggery threatens him, Shudder confirms Sanguine as a guest, which doesn't allow Skulduggery to hurt him.

Later, Sanguine tells the the three of his plans to steal a Remnant. He says that a Zombie Horde ,led by Vaurien Scapegrace, are going to attack the hotel. However, Scapegrace calls and tells Sanguine that the Zombies tasted flesh and had become rabid killers. Anton Shudder brings two volunteers, Miss Nuncio and Mr. Jib . The three, including Skulduggery, Valkyrie and Sanguine are forced to protect themselves against the horde. Miss Nuncio and Mr. Jib are both killed by the Zombies. After putting up a huge fight, the Zombies are defeated. But Sanguine manages to steal Shudder's key and a Remnant.

After Caelan's home is destroyed, Valkyrie asks if Shudder would let Caelan stay at the hotel, and he agrees, but his room would be locked during the night for the protection of other guests. The Remnant was retrieved, but was not returned to the hotel. It was kept by the Necromancers.

Mortal Coil

The High Priest Auron Tenebrae told Solomon Wreath to use the Remnant on a Sensitive , Finbar Wrong . This led to Anton Shudder to be possessed by a Remnant after he leaves the hotel to buy suppliances and furniture (after Caelan destroyed his room). Shudder releases all the Remnants, which take over Ireland.

It is unknown whether the Remnants would stay in the Receptacle (where they were captured) or if they would be returned to the hotel.

Skulduggery Pleasant: Midnight

Known Residents


  • Caelen is the third vampire to stay at the hotel. Anton had to kill one of the other two.