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The Monster Hunters (Donegan Bane, Gracious O'Callahan, Dai Maybury and Fletcher Renn) are four people (originally two and later two again) who hunt monsters.



Not much is known about the Monster Hunters prior to The Maleficent Seven. Apparently, they encountered Dexter Vex at the beginning of the nineteenth century and had saved his life by running a train over a vampire's head.

The Monster Hunters have written the books Monster Hunting for Beginners, Monster Hunting for Beginners is Probably Inadvisable and Seriously, Dude, Stop Monster Hunting. They are inventors and adventurers.

In Books

The Maleficent Seven

Gracious O'Callahan first appears as the pilot of the plane, and Donegan Bane sits beside him. They are members of Dexter Vex's team, assembled to find the God-Killer weapons.

The team are ambushed at Johann Starke's mansion while attempting to steal the dagger and learn of a mysterious brunette who attempted to steal it. The team then go to Chicago and meet Tanith and her team stealing the bow. When they reach Poland, they are ambushed by Dusk, Springheeled JackBilly-Ray Sanguine and Sabine, here Wilhelm Scream is revealed to be a traitor and Aurora Jane is shot and wounded.

The team then infiltrate the London Sanctuary. The team meet Tanith, Annis and Wilhelm while trying to steal the sword, and everyone is caught. They begin fighting off some crazed Sanctuary employees, courtesy of Tanith, as Tanith steals the sword. Billy-Ray escapes with the weapon before Vex's team, Wilhelm and Tanith are arrested. The Monster Hunters and the team are later released without charge but are warned not to return to London for three years.

Last Stand of Dead Men

They returned to help Ireland fight in the War between Sanctuaries. After going on a mission with Fletcher Renn, they assisted Tanith Low and Billy-Ray Sanguine in shutting down the Midnight Hotel to prevent Supreme Council mages from entering Ireland. They later fought in The Battle of the Abandoned Fort and the Battle of Roarhaven.

The Dying of the Light

The Monster Hunters, now joined by Dai Maybury, Saracen Rue and Dexter Vex, are tasked by China Sorrows, the new Grand Mage, to hunt down the renegade super charged sorcerers that escaped after the Battle of Roarhaven. They successfully capture four of them, then their orders are changed after Darquesse releases the Remnants from the Receptacle. While hunting down the Remnants, both Dai Maybury and Dexter Vex are possessed.


The Monster Hunters surprisingly make no appearance in the book. They are mentioned by Temper when he first meets Omen, exclaiming how he is surprised they were not the ones brought in to save him. Valkyrie requests that they are brought in from "whatever adventure they are on" and help her defeat corrupted Skulduggery. China says she'll ask them to help her if she wishes. It is also mentioned that Fletcher and Dai have left.

Magic and Abilities

Donegan Bane is an Energy-Thrower, Gracious O'Callahan uses Enhancement, Fletcher Renn is a Teleporter and Dai Maybury has unknown magic.

The books stated that Donegan and Gracious worked as a team, finishing each other's opponents off. They are inventors and are shown using devices such as an exploding sphere that places Cleavers in suspended animation and a glowing cube that accidentally makes Gracious fall asleep.

They were also expert snipers and could hide from enemies if they didn't want to be found. Mantis' forces couldn't find them when they tried to shut down the Midnight Hotel.