The Munchkin Army
The Munchkin Army
Platform PC/Mac
Series Skulduggery Pleasant
Date Released 2008
Date Set In 2008
Developer Hyperware
No. of levels Unknown
Website Munchkin Army on Web Archive
Publication Order
Preceded by
The Quest
Followed by
Skulduggery Pleasant Invaders

The Munchkin Army (tentatively known as The Quest Part 2) was the second video game in the Skulduggery Pleasant series. It involved helping Mr. Bliss in defeating Dark Gods.


Welcome Initiate, Welcome to the Munchkin Army.

Throughout the centuries, there has been a league of warrior mages, of combat sorcerers, that has defended the world from the threat of the Faceless Ones and their disciples. They were once known as the League of Ghosts, then the Shadow Echelon, and now, in this time, they are known as The Munchkin Army.

I am Mr. Bliss, one of the Council of Elders. I am hundreds of years old and I have been drawn back into the struggle against the forces of evil because heroes are few, and they are far-between.

Which is why we need you.

Under my guidance you will hone your skills by battling against others to improve your Magic, Strength, Stealth, Speed and Intelligence.

You will need to win your battles and complete Top Secret Missions in order to move up the Ranks to become a Master. You will gain recognition by recruiting others to join the fight, and those who train hard will be richly rewarded...


  • It is a sequel to the Quest. Accounts set up for the Quest can carry over to the second game if one wishes.
  • A comic book was released to promote the game, which can be viewed here.