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The Murder of the Warlocks
The Murder of the Warlocks
Name(s) The 100 Year Plan
Date 2008 - 2013
Book Last Stand of Dead Men
Participants Warlocks, Roarhaven Mages
Location Ireland
Previous Theatre of Shadows
Next The War between Sanctuaries

The Murder of the Warlocks was a scheme spearheaded by the Man with Golden Eyes with the help of The Torment sometime after May 2008.


  1. Erskine Ravel became disillusioned with the Irish Sanctuary and decided to side with the Children of the Spider.
  2. He hoped to leave the Warlocks as a last resort but was forced to use them when Argeddion was defeated.

Main Events

  • The Man With the Golden Eyes started killing an unknown number of Warlocks.