The Remnant Outbreak
Mortal Coil art
Skulduggery attacked by Remnant-possessed people.
The Remnant Outbreak
Name(s) The Remnant Outbreak
Date December 2009-January 2010
Book Mortal Coil
Participants Remnants, Skulduggery Pleasant, The Irish Sanctuary
Location Ireland
Previous The Hunt for Davina Marr
Next The Rise of the Death Bringer

The Battle at Willow Hill was an event that took place in Willow Hill Retirement Home shortly after Melancholia St Clair became the Death Bringer.

Main Events

See Remnant.


  1. The Remnants are sealed inside the Receptacle.
  2. Tanith Low is permanently bonded with a Remnant and begins dating Billy-Ray Sanguine.
  3. Valkyrie Cain moves closer to becoming Darquesse.



The Irish Sanctuary