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The Requiem Ball is a celebration of the anniversary of Mevolent's defeat in The War. It occurs every ten years and was held at the mansion of the Dead Men leader Corrival Deuce, before his death in Mortal Coil. After that, Gordon Edgley volunteered to hold it at his house.

At Sebastian Fawkes' party in the 1980's, Gordon mentioned it in a conversation with Skulduggery Pleasant.

The Requiem Ball was only featured once in the books. During Death Bringer, the Requiem Ball is held at the late Gordon Edgleys' mansion. During the ball Skulduggery and China dance together and have a whispered conversation. Dexter Vex claims to have taught Skulduggery all he knows about dancing and that before he helped him he was uncoordinated as a turnip. During the ball, Melancholia is preparing to use her Necromancy magic to kill everyone attending the ball in order to test her abilities and see if she really is the Death Bringer.  


  • Before his death, the Requiem Ball used to be held at Corrival Deuce's mansion. The latest Ball was held at Gordon Edgley's mansion.
  • In late 2014, an actual ball will be held in London to celebrate the release of the final book: The Dying of the Light.