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The Resistance is a group of sorcerers in Mevolent's dimension. The Resistance gets Valkyrie out of the prison Mevolent had put her in, where she met Eachan Meritorious again. Valkyrie was sent to the reality by the Dimensional Shunter, Silas Nadir. While The Resistance is breaking everybody out, Lord Vile comes along and starts killing people. Valkyrie escapes with Ghastly Bespoke, Dexter Vex and a few other people, with forced help from Alexander Remit, one of Melovent's teleporters. They appear in a field. Then Vile and some Redhoods turn up. More people are killed. Valkyrie and her Reflection try to escape but fail. The Reflection is left behind and Valkyrie goes back home. She appears in the middle of a road and is nearly run over. The driver breaks and starts shouting "This girl on the road appeared out of nowhere!" Valkyrie gets up, worried about her Reflection, all alone and defenceless. She goes back to the Sanctuary and tells the Elders and Skulduggery what had happened, and Synecdoche fixes Valkyrie up.