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"You are not to look the master in the eye."
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The Revengers' Club
Group Information
Location Ireland
Date Founded 2010
Date Disbanded 2010
Notable Members Billy-Ray Sanguine, Dreylan Scarab, Dusk
Former Leader(s)
Dreylan Scarab
Current Leader(s)

The Revengers' Club was a group of past villians in the series. They all have different objectives, but their main one is to destroy the Irish Sanctuary.

This main objective was to kill 80,000 people live at the All-Ireland Championships with the Desolation Engine, resulting in the exposure of magic to the public.


Dark Days

The club was formed by Dreylan Scarab after he was released from his Arizona prison 'a few days early'. The group's apparent aim was to get revenge on Skulduggery Pleasant. However, as events unfurled, many members of the club presented other motives: Dusk claimed to have came out of curiosity, Vaurien Scapegrace to realize his dream of becoming a "Killer Supreme", and Remus Crux, the psychopathic worshipper of the Faceless Ones, as well as Billy-Ray Sanguine, revealed to be Scarab's son, wished to exact revenge against Valkyrie Cain. Dreylan Scarab wanted revenge for being framed for the murder of an important figure (Esryn Vanguard) during the war with Mevolent.

The club planned to get their hands on the Desolation Engine to kill a thousands of people live at the All-Ireland Championship. In doing this, the Sanctuary would never be able to recover, and the other Sanctuaries around the world would "tear the country apart and fight over the remains". To do this, they captured Kenspeckle Grouse and used a Remnant to possess and control him, forcing him to repair the Desolation Engine. After tricking Thurid Guild into arming the Engine, their plans were foiled when Fletcher Renn teleported Guild and the Engine into the sea. Most of the members were arrested, but Dusk, Sanguine and Scapegrace escaped. Shortly before the All-Ireland championship, Remus Crux was murdered by China Sorrows.


Former Members

Billy-Ray Sanguine

Dreylan Scarab

Main article: Dreylan Scarab

Dreylan Scarab is the leader of the Revengers' Club. Scarab was a follower of Mevolent during the War. He was a powerful assassin, but was framed for the murder of Esryn Vanguard. After surviving 200 years in prison, he formed the Revengers' club to get revenge on the Sanctuary and Thurid Guild. However, his plan eventually failed and was imprisoned.

Billy-Ray Sanguine

Main article: Billy-Ray Sanguine

Billy-Ray is a hitman who has had his plans stopped by Valkyrie on many occasions. After having his chest slashed open by Valkyrie and failing to recover, he seeks revenge on Valkyrie. He helps the Club on a few occasions, most notably stealing a Remnant from the Midnight Hotel. Eventually the Revengers' Club's plan fails, but Valkyrie lets Sanguine walk free as long as he doesn't return to Ireland.

Springheeled Jack

Main article: Springheeled Jack

Jack wants revenge for the people who have stopped his plans in the past. He decides to destroy the Sanctuaries around the world. He joins the Revengers' Club and aids them in kidnapping Tanith Low and Kenspeckle Grouse. He is defeated at Croke Park Stadium after Dusk leaves him against Ghastly Bespoke and Anton Shudder.


Main article: Dusk

Dusk joins the Revengers' Club to have revenge on Valkyrie. He fails to recruit some Infected, and loses an opportunity to bite Valkyrie. At Croke Park he finally manages to bite Valkyrie, but stops as he tastes something in Valkyrie's blood. Dusk convinces Sanguine to stop their revenge motive on Valkyrie, and Dusk escapes.

Remus Crux

Main article: Remus Crux

After having his mind turned insane by a Faceless One, Crux is now only thinking of avenging the Faceless Ones that Valkyrie killed by killing Valkyrie. Remus is eventaully found by China, and after revealing her dark secret, China shoots him, and kills him.

Vaurien Scapegrace

Main article: Vaurien Scapegrace

Vaurien joined the Revengers' Club to have revenge on Valkyrie. However, Scarab and Sanguine found out that Scapegrace is not the Killer Supreme that he makes out to be. They kill him and revive him as a Zombie. He is given the job of recruiting a Zombie Horde that will help steal a Remnant. However, the Horde goes crazy at The Midnight Hotel, but are defeated. Scapegrace, and his zombie assisstant, Thrasher, escape.


The bulk of their army was made up of the "Zombie Horde", infected by Vaurien Scapegrace after he was zombified by Scarab. However, they were destroyed by Skulduggery, Valkyrie, Anton Shudder and Sanguine at The Midnight Hotel. Scarab also planned to use Hollow Men, but they were killed at Serpine's castle.