The Ring of Salumar was a magical ring made for the sorcerer Salumar.


It was originally forged in shadow and fire by the seventh son of a seventh son, a blind man who spoke to the dead. On the eve of delovery, the dead came to him and told him that Salumar was going to kill him. So he hid the ring, refused to hand it over and Salumar therefore killed him.

The Hunt for the God-Killer Weapons

Around early 2013, Sabine was in contact with a mage called Badstreet who wanted to purchase the ring from her. However, as she was a magiphage, she could temporarily place magic into an object to fool somebody into believing it was magical. She successfully managed to con Badstreet into buying the fake ring. The whereabouts of the real ring, if it still existed, were unknown. It's unknown if it ever did exist.