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"The Faceless Ones created the crystal and the crystal sang to the Faceless Ones when an enemy neared. But when The Ancients approached the crystal was silent, and it did not sing to the Faceless Ones, and the Faceless Ones did not know it was taken."
Oisin quoting a text about the Sceptre, Skulduggery Pleasant
Valkyrie sceptre new

Valkyrie wielding the Sceptre.

The Sceptre of the Ancients, the Original God-Killer, was an incredibly powerful tool used by The Ancients to kill the Faceless Ones. It was a golden rod, about the length of a thigh bone and had a Black Crystal embedded into it's hilt. It sang to its owner when someone approached it but stayed quiet when an Ancient (or a person with Ancient blood) approached. The Sceptre was a focusing tool for the black crystal and shoots out black lightning that turned anything it came into contact with to dust. Once the previous owner had died, all one needed to do take ownership was to touch it.



Ferrente Rhadaman referred to it as the Original and most powerful of the God-Killers, used to drive the Faceless Ones out of this Universe. In 2007 it was discovered during an archaeological dig. It later came in to the possession of Gordon Edgley. He then proceeded to study it and later hid it in the Caves of the Void beneath his house.

Skulduggery Pleasant

Sceptre American cover

The Sceptre of the Ancients

Serpine killed Gordon Edgley to gain the key to access the Caves. The Sceptre was contained in the the Caves. Serpine stole the Sceptre and used it to kill Eachan Meritorious and Morwenna Crow, and later kills Sagacious Tome despite him being on his side. The Sceptre was used to kill the Elders so he could get the Book of Names, which meant Serpine could rule the world. However, Skulduggery Pleasant tricked Serpine into using the Sceptre to destroy the Book, and not long after Skulduggery takes it from Serpine and uses it to kill him. The Black Crystal is destroyed after Serpine is killed. China Sorrows was then given the Spectre to add to her obsessive collection of magic.

The Faceless Ones


The Sceptre during the Battle of Aranmore Farm

Valkyrie and Skulduggery obtain a new Black Crystal for the Sceptre when the Faceless Ones escape through the portal between realities. Valkyrie Cain became the new wielder of it and accidentally destroyed two bookcases that China Sorrows owned by mistake. The Sceptre was used to successfully kill a Faceless One, but another manages to destroys the Spectre and the Black Crystal within it and in doing so destroyed itself. The third and final Faceless One was forced back through the portal in its vessel, with considerable effort required. It dragged Skulduggery with it, into the opposite reality.

Kingdom Of The Wicked

Another alternate version of the Sceptre was still in perfect condition in the Parallel Dimension but was in the throne room of Mevolent's Palace. It was retrieved by Skulduggery and Valkyrie, with the aid of the Serpine in that reality, and taken by China just before they shunt back. It was later retrieved by Darquesse the next and last time she shunts, but was dropped and stolen by Valkyrie Cain's reflection, unbeknownst to anyone but her.

Last Stand Of Dead Men

The Reflection still had the Sceptre when the reflection went rogue, and attempted to kill Valkyrie with it. She failed, and didn't use until the Battle of Roarhaven, when she became an ally of Skulduggery Pleasant. She accidentally allowed Alice Edgley to touch the crystal, but it didn't kill her as she was descended from the Ancients. The reflection didn't check to see if the rule applied to reflections.

Charivari was killed by the reflection using the Sceptre of the Ancients during the the Battle of Roarhaven.

The Dying of the Light

Stephanie (Valkyrie Cain's reflection) was still in possession of Sceptre following the events of Last Stand of Dead Men and was using to Hunt down the Renegades (Super-charged Sorcerers) and she also used it in her confrontations with Darquesse and other sorcerers. After Stephanie was murdered by Darquesse, ownership of the Sceptre passed on to Alice, as Stephanie hid it under her mattress, and Alice accidentally took ownership.

In order to fight Darquesse, Valkyrie had to somehow take control of the Sceptre. Consequently, she forces herself to kill Alice, so she could take ownership of it, for which she never forgave herself. By the laws of the Sceptre, it bonded to Valkyrie - only to be thrown straight off the planet by Darquesse.

Seasons of War

In Seasons of War, it was recovered and Valkyrie Cain uses the Sceptre to defeat hoards off draugar and necromancers. At the end of the book, she uses the Sceptre to kill Mevolent only to find out that was his reflection and the real Mevolent takes the Sceptre from Valkyrie and snaps in half. The best scientists in Roarhaven all say it is beyond repair.


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