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The Scourge
Character Information
Taken Name The Scourge
Species Human
Gender Male
Birth Before late 2013
Age Unknown
Magic Unknown
Faction Children of the Spider
Location Ireland
Relations Madame Mist (mentor)

The Terror (colleague)

The Scourge was a member of the children of the Spider and made an appearance in Last Stand of Dead Men. He was said to be brought in by Madame Mist, and therefore is usually seen alongside her. He was later revealed to be part of The Man with Golden Eyes' plans to rule over mortals, just like everyone else in Roarhaven. He was last seen guarding a doorway that led to where Madame Mist was, but his fate after the Battle of Roarhaven is unknown. He is most likely dead.

His name appears to place his seniority level as synonymous with that of the Scourge and the Torment, though, unlike the latter, he appears to take orders from Madame Mist.


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