The Skirmish in The English Sanctuary
The Skirmish in The English Sanctuary
Name(s) The Skirmish in The English Sanctuary
Date Early 2013
Participants The British Sanctuary
Tanith Low (and allies)
Mages affected by hallucinogen
Location The British Sanctuary
Previous The Hunt for the God-Killer Weapons
Next Last Stand of Dead Men

The Skirmish in The British Sanctuary was between the mages of the sanctuary and Tanith's gang in the The Maleficent Seven.

Main Events


  • Tanith Low and Wilhelm Scream are captured. (Though they later escape with the help of Moribund).
  • Billy-Ray Sanguine pretends to destroy the four weapons.
  • Dusk is the only one remaining, and proceeds to hunt down Moloch, the vampire who'd turned him.
  • Tanith is overjoyed with the destruction of the God-Killer weapons, though it was later revealed that Sanguine had Sabine charge up a set of fakes to protect Tanith.
  • Dexter Vex and his team stood for trial at the English Sanctuary, but are later released. They are warned to never return to England for the next three years without permission, lest they want to be thrown into a cell.


Tanith's gang

Dexter Vex's gang