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The Summer of Light
Argeddion new
The Summer of Light
Name(s) Argeddion's experiment
Date June 2012
Book Kingdom Of The Wicked
Participants The Irish Sanctuary, Argeddion
Location Ireland, Europe
Previous The Hunt for Deacon Maybury
Next The Hunt for the God-Killer Weapons

The Summer of Light was the scheme planned by Argeddion to give magic to all mortals using the Accelerator. He was stopped by Skulduggery Pleasant and Valkyrie Cain.

Main Events

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  • Mortals, such as Kitana Kellaway, began to develop unsatble powers.
  • Tyren Lament was sought out to explain what happened to Argeddion. He revealed that the latter was in a coma.
  • In reality, Argeddion had enthralled Lament and his team.
  • He locked away Lord Vile and Darquesse to ensure nobody powerful enough to stop him would succeed.
  • He was eventually defeated using Walden D'Essai and Greta Dapple.



The Irish Sanctuary


The Supreme Council


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