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The Temple (Ireland)
The Temple (Ireland) Information
Name(s) The Temple (Ireland)
Inhabitants The Necromancers
Part of Ireland

The Temple in Ireland is where the Necromancers gather. It was disbanded when the Irish Sanctuary stormed it, with its members retreating to other temples around the world.

High Priest

The High Priest is the leader of the Temple, and is assisted by Clerics.

Auron Tenebrae

Tenebrae is the former High Priest of the Irish Temple. He has ordered Solomon Wreath to use the Soul Catcher that has a Remnant to find out if Valkyrie Cain is the Death Bringer. He was killed by Melancholia St Clair, after which Vandameer Craven became the unofficial High Preist.


Soul Catchers

A Soul Catcher is an object that is used to capture souls and spirits. A Soul Catcher was stolen by Billy-Ray Sanguine in 2009 to capture a Remnant. After the Soul Catcher was reclaimed, the Remnant was imprisoned within it until it was released again.

The Shadow Furnace

The Shadow Furnace is used to forge a Necromancer's object of power. Beyond this use, little is known about it. Valkyrie's rings were crafted in it by Solomon Wreath.

The Death Bringer

The Death Bringer is a prophecy that the Necromancers believe in. The Death Bringer would be able to break the passage between life and death, passing through realities to stop new life and killing three billion people to overload the stream of death to stop people from dying. The only three people believed to be the Death Bringer are Lord VileValkyrie Cain and Melancholia St Clair.

Known People in the Temple

 The Irish Temple

  • The Irish Necromancers particpated for some time in the war, but later became neutral.
  • The often disassociated themselves with others, and the Necromancers built a mysterious reputation.
  • After the events of Death Bringer, the Irish Temple was disbanded. Its Necromancers are scattered around the country.



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