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The Terror
Character Information
Taken Name The Terror
Species Human
Gender Male
Birth Before late 2013
Age Unknown
Magic Unknown
Faction Children of the Spider
Location Ireland
Relations Madame Mist (mentor)

The Scourge (colleague)

The Terror was a member of the Children of the Spider.


Last Stand Of Dead Men

He was asked to help with defending Roarhaven by Madame Mist. He was later revealed to be part of Ravel's plan to rule mortals, but his fate after the battles remains unkown as he is not mentioned later on.

Alternate Dimension

He is on the side of Mevolent, as he does not want to be killed like Madame Mist due to not seeing Mevolent as their master. The Torment calls him a traitor, and refuses to see them as his equals any more.


Last Stand of Dead Men Cover
The Dying of the Light mentioned
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