"Gordon told me once that he always regretted writing that book. It was basically an instruction manual in demon summoning"
— Skulduhhery Pleasant, Theatre of Shadows (short story)
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"What have you done?"
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The Theatre of the Tormented
The Theatre of the Tormented
Author Gordon Edgley
Cover Artist Unknown
Date Published Unknown
Date Set In Fifty years before Gordon wrote the book.
Publisher Unknown
No. of pages Unknown
ISBN Unknown
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The Theatre of the Tormented was a book written by famous author Gordon Edgley. He would later regret writing it as it it was basically an instruction manual to summon Demons.


"This was in one of Gordon’s books. The Theatre of the Tormented. Five friends try to summon the devil. Whatever they summon, they trap it in a circle. The main character, Eamon, gets away, but the others are killed. Then the demon thing tries to lure him back to drink his blood—"
— Valkyrie Cain, Theatre of Shadows (short story)