The Three Names are the names every person has. All three of the names are stored in the Book of Names. They are directly connected to the source of all Magic.

The Three Names

Given Name

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A Given Name is the name someone is given when they are born, usually from a person's parents. If someone finds out your Given Name, they can control your movements. This can be prevented by making deciding on a Taken Name.

Taken Name

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A Taken Name is the name a person makes up for themselves. The name you choose also protects the person from being controlled from their Given Name, above. A person can only choose a Taken Name once. They can choose one name (such as Mevolent) or two names (Valkyrie Cain). Sometimes, the name isn't aesthetic, but is chosen by the mage because it feels right to them, for example, Patrick Xebec.

True Name

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A True Name is the source of the person's power. If the person knows their True Name, they can become very powerful. However, if someone finds out your True Name before you, they can control you. An example is Myron Stray who is controlled by Davina Marr to blow up The Sanctuary. A way to stop this is to seal your True Name before anyone else knows it. Someone like Doctor Nye (who seals Valkyrie's true name, Darquesse ) and Kenspeckle Grouse ( according to Skulduggery Pleasant) can seal your true name. Walden D'essai (also known as Argeddion) did a lot of research into the subject and how it can give you power. He eventually found out his true name. He also had a theory as to why magic is linked to the three names.


  • The only people who know their true names are Valkyrie Cain, Walden D' Essai and Myron Stray. There were also 7 others that were mentioned but they died.
  • The Liffey Bridge had three names, also.
  • Warlocks and Witches don't have a true name. They gain access to the source some other way.