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"The Torment? No joke, The Torment?"
Valkyrie questioning the Torment's name, Skulduggery Pleasant: Playing With Fire
The Torment
Character Information
Taken Name The Torment
Species Human
Gender Male
Birth Unknown
Age Unknown
Death December 31, 2010
Magic Adept
Faction Children of the Spider
Titles Children of the Spider leader
Location Deceased

The Torment was an ancient mage and leader of the Children of the Spider. He lived under the pub in Roarhaven.


The Torment was a powerful and well-respected Mage among the citizens of Roarhaven, the town he moved into, in a cellar under the pub previously owned by Vaurien Scapegrace, towards the end of his life. The move was due to his strongly held beliefs of Mage superiority over Mortals - beliefs that were not reciprocated by the Sanctuaries of the world, who refused to expose themselves and take any action against the Mortals. He decided to become active again and pursue his goals when questioned by Skulduggery and Valkyrie as to the location of the Grotesquery. This lead him to conspire with Ravel.

During The War he was tracking down Baron Vengeous.


Rise of the Grotesquery

He was one of two people in the world who knew the location of the Grotesquery; an abomination created by Baron Vengeous from numerous magical creatures grafted to the torso of a fallen Faceless One. At the peak of its power it could, supposedly, allowed passage for the Faceless Ones from their exile to this world. When Skulduggery and Valkyrie came looking for information of its whereabouts, The Torment agreed, on the one condition that Skulduggery kill Valkyrie. Skulduggery and Valkyrie improvised in the moment and they pulled off a ruse, instead killing Valkyrie's reflection

He later caught up with Skulduggery and Tanith, attempting to kill them for tricking him. He was defeated by them, and Skulduggery enlisted his reluctant help in defeating the Grotesquery. He was called upon as a last resort by Valkyrie to fight the Grotesquery, but failed, instead being scalped and flung away but did enough damage to the Grotesquery to allow Valkyrie to kill it.

The Council Elections

The Torment is not seen again until Mortal Coil, where he proposes the Sanctuary in Roarhaven to be the new Irish Sanctuary. He, along with the other Children of the Spider, hires Tesseract to kill Davina Marr. The Children of the Spider, The Torment included, double-cross Tesseract by attempting to bury him alive. Tesseract escapes from his grave and tries to hunt down the Children of the Spider, managing to kill two, one of whom is the Torment.

Alternate Dimension

He is seen in a cage outside The Temple of the Spider.


He has the ability to vomit a dark fluid that turns into black spiders, and can shape-shift into a giant arachnid creature at will. He's proven to be quite powerful able to hold his own against and injure a being as powerful as the Grotesquery. 


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