The Trade at Liffey Bridge
Liffy Bridge
Liffey Bridge
The Trade at Liffey Bridge
Name(s) The Trade at Liffey Bridge
Date 2009
Participants The Irish Sanctuary
The Diablerie
Location Liffey Bridge
Previous The Battle at Clearwater
Next The Battle of Aranmore Farm

The Trade at Liffey Bridge was a trade between the Irish Sanctuary and the Diablerie. The Sanctuary wanted to get Thurid Guild back and the Diablerie Fletcher Renn.

The Trade

The trade first begins with Billy-Ray Sanguine walking over to Skulduggery, telling him to give Fletcher first. Skulduggery rejects, and stops him from leaving the bridge. Murder Rose, Jaron Gallow, Skulduggery and Tanith go to the middle of the bridge where they talk.

After that Gallow and Rose went back to their tent. Ghastly threatens Sanguine to tell them what their plan is, and Sanguine tells them that a bomb is on Guild. Skulduggery shoots Guild's legs, and tells Fletcher that if he stays next to him, they can't detonate the bomb.

They are just about to fight when the Necromancers arrive to help. Sanguine says "it's time". He drops something and everyone is blinded. Sanguine isn't affected sicne he doesn't have eyes, but neither is Skulduggery.

They are about to win, but the Sea Hag appears. She grabs Fletcher and leaves. The Diablerie also flee. The battle ended with the Sea Hag taking Fletcher.

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