The Unnamed
Character Information
Species Human
Gender Male
Birth Unknown
Age Unknown
Death Killed by Mevolent
Magic Unknown
Titles Mevolent's master.
Location Unknown

The Unnamed was Mevolent's master before Mevolent started The War. Not much is known about the Unnamed, except that he did not have a True Name, but was still able to perform Magic. It is unknown whether the Unnamed is still alive. In a painting at the Great Chamber, he is shown as a man burning with black fire.

In Skulduggery Pleasant: Midnight, it was revealed that he was the father of Abyssinia and therefore the previous King of the Darklands.

Magic and Abilities

As a direct descendant of Faceless Ones who had taken human form The Unnamed is an unfathomably powerful sorcerer. His magic and vitality is so potent that nothing short of the most powerful God Killer, The Obsidian Blade, is said to be able to kill him. Abyssinia states that he posses many powers but so far he has only shown accelerated healing the ability to burn in black flames and the ability to fly. His knowledge of magic and alchemy is vast enough to bring his daughter back from the brink of death and esoteric enough to (temporarily) prevent his own from what is said to be the oldest and strongest God Killer in existence.

It is unknown what else he can do and where his magic comes from as he has no True Name. It is implied that his family’s strain of magic is unique and quite possibly Neoteric.

Skulduggery Pleasant: Bedlam

As it turns out, The Unnamed survived the initial attempt on his life by Mevolent by using powerful magics to slow the effects of The Obsidian Blade causing him to fall into a deep hibernative state. When his daughter became pregnant he was aroused from his slumber but found that he was not the man he used to be. Old, weak and near deaths door he travelled till he found his daughter, grievously wounded from a failed plot to overthrow Mevolent. Using his vast arcane knowledge to heal her wounds he brought Abyssinia back from the brink of death. Unfortunately, his magics where not enough to heal the damage done to her by both the fall and the sword wound she had received at the hands of Lord Vile. Abyssinia, up until this point, had no idea that she had in fact been taken care of by her father and asked to know the name of her saviour. The Unnamed revealed himself and informed her that he had indeed survived but was in fact dying himself.

However, he had come up with a plan to save them both. He informed her of this plan. When her child was to reach a certain age she was to end his life and allow The Unnamed, who's soul would be stored within a Soulcatcher until that point in time, to posses the body and rise anew once more as The King of the Darklands reborn. She agreed and in exchange The Unnamed gifted her all of his power healing her and allowing him him to finally succumb to death, long overdue, from the effects of The Obsidian Blade. Abyssinia kept her end of the bargain and his soul remained in a Soulcatcher hidden and safely stored away.

At the end of Beldam Cassion is grievously wounded. Abyssinia, in her grief and despair, commands Nero to fetch the soulcather containing her father. Despite Skullduggery and Valykries pleas Abyssinia releases her father's soul into Cassions body. The Unnamed, now inhabiting Cassions body, returns to life. He proceeds to take back the power he had granted Abyssinia before healing the damage done to his new vessel and flying away.


  • In Kingdom Of The Wicked, Mevolent appears in an alternate dimension where he won The War. The Unnamed may exist in this dimension as well.
  • In Last Stand Of Dead Men, Darquesse burns in black fire, described similarly to The Unnamed.
  • He is the King of the Darklands although this position was lost when he was killed by Mevolent.
    • He has a grandson through Abyssinia called Caisson, who will be crowned the new King of the Darklands.
  • Derek Landy may or may not use this character in the future. [1]
    • Furthermore, more information on The Unnamed will be revealed in the future.[2]




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