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The War between Sanctuaries
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The Dead Men during the War of the Sanctuaries.
The War between Sanctuaries
Name(s) The Siege of Ireland, The Invasion of Ireland
Date August - October 2013
Book Last Stand of Dead Men
Participants The Irish Sanctuary, The Supreme Council (Made up of every other Sanctuary)
Location Ireland, France, America, Germany, Australia
Previous The Murder of the Warlocks
Next The Siege of Roarhaven

The War between Sanctuaries was fought in late 2013, when the Supreme Council invaded Ireland to acquire the Irish Sanctuary and arrest the Elders. Ireland resisted the invasion, lead by Skulduggery Pleasant, Erskine Ravel and Ghastly Bespoke.

Main Events


  • Ireland managed to prevent another catastrophe.
  • Darquesse saved China Sorrows from death, tortured Erskine Ravel and departed.
  • Skulduggery Pleasant asks Valkyrie Cain's reflection to help him hunt Darquesse down and kill her, if necessary.
  • China is elected Grand Mage of Ireland.
  • Many Sanctuaries lose a member of their council.



The Irish Sanctuary

The Dead Men


The Supreme Council


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