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Character Information
Taken Name Trebuchet
Species Human
Gender Male
Birth before The War
Age Unknown
Death Before Late 2013
Magic Adept
Faction The French Sanctuary (formerly)
Titles Grand Mage (former)
Location Wolfsong
Relations Unnamed Child

Trebuchet was a former Grand Mage of France. He now lives Wolfsong where he lives in guilt.


As Grand Mage

It is said that he ruled as a fair and just Grand Mage. But then Mandat exploited his weakness and took the title of Grand Mage.

At Wolfsong

After being dethroned as Grand Mage he arrived at Wolfsong were he was welcomed. When 3 teenagers went missing in the mountains he and another man went up looking for them. They found them with their hands and feet cut off. They went in search of the people who did this. They came across a Warlock and killed it but only Trebuchet remained after the fight. The other Warlocks heard all the commotion and went down. When they caught him. He said he did it for the boys they killed. They then put him back on his horse and sent him away. They followed him back to Wolfsong where the Wraith destroyed wolfsong but spared him. Now every 3 days the Wraith attack and every person is slaughtered but Trebuchet in different ways and in a different order everytime. He now lives there to punish himself for what he has done.


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